How to fix "java is not recognized as an internal command or external command"

this tutorial shows how to fix “java is not recognized as an internal command or external command”

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  1. Thank you!! This helped a lot.

  2. Plz can u tell it for Windows 10


  4. Thanks a lot,it really helped

  5. thank you so much, you fixed my prob

  6. Thanks buddy it's work ❤❤❤

  7. Thank you very much, it really helped me solve my problem.

  8. Nice work. It helped me. Thanks 🤗

  9. Thank you very much..
    I have faced a problem that cygwin kitchen not found Java that was solved.
    Thank you

  10. I haven't Java file

  11. Its not working for me bro. Please help me. Rply me please what should Ido.

  12. I. Love. You. after several hours you saved my life.

  13. You're the best… Thank you.

  14. thank you it was really helpful for me although that i am using window 10

  15. error not fixed
    still showing the same error

  16. Iam from GREECE .Thank you so much, this really helped.

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