How to fix "not recognized as internal or external Command " in Cmd

How to fix “not recognized as internal or external Command, operable program or batch file ” 100% Work and it’s Easy

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Try changing the environment variables
Step by steps :
– Right click My Computer – Properties- Advanced System Settings.
– In the Advanced System Settings Tab, click on Environment variables and look for Path in System variables
– Click Edit and add C:WindowsSystem32; at the end of the string.MAKE SURE YOU DON’T DELETE THE REST OF THE STRING.

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  1. I'm trying to execute this:

    $ npm install express –save

    And I'm getting this log:

    > npm
    > ERR! code ETIMEDOUT npm ERR! errno ETIMEDOUT npm ERR! network request
    > to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT
    > npm ERR! network This is a problem related to network connectivity. npm ERR! network In most cases you are behind a proxy or
    > have bad network settings. npm ERR! network npm ERR! network If you
    > are behind a proxy, please make sure that the npm ERR! network 'proxy'
    > config is set properly. See: 'npm help config'

    I have no Idea what I'm doing with Node and npm because I'm new to this

    I have tried to look for a solution, but nothing points me in the right direction, probably because I'm asking wrong questions.

    i have try to excute this :
    Npm config set registry

    But i cant install express or any other dependency

    I am student in college i use wifi does this have problem?
    Please guys help me out one of you

  2. is it working on windows 10??

  3. When your file was in D drive why were you searching in C drive before you performed the steps?

  4. Mjhse nii ho pa rha sir can uu help me😳

  5. if you guys download it from youtuber link,here's i found the way. I was using the old links that doesnt work for windows 10 and then i reinstall it on and do the same way and it will works! hopefully it works for you! have a great day

  6. Good Bro Keep It Up!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ya sab kch krny k bad b laravel install nh horhi

  8. You can finish this video within 1 min but you purposely extend it to almost 3 mins. Plus, the background music is very annoying.

  9. I found the easiest way.
    1) Search Cmd on start menu/ or from anywhere
    2) Run as administration.

    Done. That's it.

  10. Error hai Adrx file is not found

  11. What did you copied

  12. ty u r a hero working March, 2020
    Edit: nvm my IPv6 is gone now thx buddy, leaving a dislike.

  13. Bro my comp not working help pls

  14. 'Disk part' same problem how to solve tell me plz

  15. IF THIS DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU: Try closing your command prompt and starting a new one. That was what stupidly fixed it for me.

  16. I deleted the strip . It did not work . What is the strip.

  17. The most useless video I watched on youtube this year 2020

  18. this is hilarious this guy just deletes the output promPt which tells you its not operable just so you would think it worked when really it would actually say on windows cmd that (COMMAND COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY) IF IT WORKED OR IT WOULD SAY SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF ATTRIBUTE SET OR SYNTAX EXECUTED ETC ETC.
    —–SO NO SIR THIS IS JUST BS Sorry it still doesnt work _ instead it just stops displaying the error message prompt

  19. Did it muktiple times not working

  20. Mera ma edit command nahi chal raha hai

  21. Wtf my screens pitch black

  22. You wasted 1 minute on intro🤬🤬

  23. Thanks dude it's working for me

  24. Thanks a lott broooo😘😘😍❤️

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