How to fix "not recognized as internal or external" in cmd (if you type in 'ipconfig')

How to fix “not recognized as internal or external” in cmd (if you type in ‘ipconfig’)

How to:
1. Go to your start menu and click Computer. Find your System32 pathway (you will need that, trust me). I will show you mine. Just right click the top.

2. Then go to your start menu and right click ‘Computer’ and go to properties, when you have done that, do ‘Advanced system settings’ after that, click ‘Environment Variables…’.

3. In your ‘Environment Variables…’ thingy, search for ‘Path’ now if you DO NOT have it, make one like this, then do ANOTHER one, on the thingy below (SAME WAY). I’m not making them because I already made them and I fixed it already 😉

4. DONE! 😀 If this helps, please like, fav or comment the video. If it does not work
ATTENTION: If it does not work, try updating your Java.
If that does not work, try installing your Java.

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  1. it didin't work for me :<


  3. Thanks, that worked for me.

  4. Yo my man you saved my time i was trying to learn some cool tricks using cmd

  5. very simple and it work, thank you!!

  6. OMG after 8 years ur method helps.. thanks lot

  7. I do fucking love you <3 <3 npm of angular doesn't work now everything works good <3

  8. What's the sense of this bloody loud music?

  9. It didn’t solved my problem and now i have to reset my system because now node.js is not working bc I deleted inside path lol

  10. great man thanks a lot. i was searching this problem more than 4months. ITS WORKING. THANKS

  11. Oh man… Vidoe is no sufficient


  13. thank you very much i like you

  14. it worked bro for real 💯

  15. It worked!! Yay! Thank you so much!!!♥️

  16. I don't know how to thank you u saved my money my problem was windows opens but if i click on anything it says "microsoft windows not responding end process" in a small box i did so many things nothing worked when i did disk check at first it checked and said couldn't proceed because of some error. Once again i tried to do disk check the error message was same as you showed in the vedio so i tried it. It not only solved the disk check problem it also solved Microsoft windows not responding problem now i can use my laptop thank you so much


  18. You really need to improve your vocabulary

  19. hahhh I have thumb up to 1k

  20. Thanks a lot !!!!! worked for me!

  21. I had this broblem with wget. The steps didn't solve the broblem by it selve. The broblem fixed when I navigated in the wget installation folder GnuWin32 there I when't bin folder and dobble click wget software. I'll think that starting the wget and taking those steps in this video, make it work 🙂

  22. Worked!!!Thanks For The Video

  23. Fixed..People who are saying it's not fixed,make sure you close your console after doing this..Then try it again by opening it

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