How To Play Rage Cage

Gather a minimum of three players, One table, ten or more red cups, two Ping-pong balls, and several beers

Place the cups together in the center of the table.

Fill the cups one third full, and entirely fill one cup at the center.

Configure the players in a ring around the table.

Pick two players standing across from each other to start.

They must each drink one of the beer filled cups, and proceed to bounce a ping pong ball inside of the empty cup.

Once accomplished, they will pass the cup, and the ball clockwise to the next player.

If a player happens to make it on their first try they may pass it to any player around the table, excluding someone who is still bouncing.

This continues until a player makes it into their cup while the next person is still bouncing.

Once this happens the player will stack their cup onto the next one and the losing player will pass their stack clockwise, pick a new cup, drink the beer, and proceed playing.

If they accidentally make the ball into one of the cups on the table, they must drink that cup stack it on top of the previous cup and continue to try and make it in the stack.

The game ends when all of the cups have been consumed


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  1. This game is amazing but instead of stacking the cup, we slap the cup off the table, it’s much better!

  2. im getting fucking old! all i could think about was hell no im not getting my table all wet

  3. I call this game stack.. makes more sense

  4. tried this game first time i got hit with 7 cups of shots

  5. Yo im too drunk too even understand this

  6. Are you ready for rage cage

  7. Watching and showing this 1 video would have been so much faster and clearer than trying to verbally explain this shit to everyone, where they end up confused even more.

  8. What is the win condition?

  9. It’s only a real game of rage cage if you put vodka in each cup, high school was a complete blurrrr

  10. It’s called stack cup, not rage cage lmao

  11. Only me and my friends who plays "Goran Bregovic – Gas Gas" very loud on the speakers while playing this game? If you haven't I strongly reccomend doing so. We just call this game Gas.

  12. This game brought many laughs and screams XD

  13. During the summer my friends and I always go on cabin trips where we have cage tournaments. Every half an hour we play another round. The game ends when someone pukes. Easily one of the funniest things to do while drinking. However not as fun when you're puking all over the living room.

  14. you can also add the final caveat that the person that ends up with the massive stack of cups at the end of the game has to chug the middle cup. Adds so much intensity to the final few rounds of stacking and passing

  15. this game is literally called Stack Cup😂😂😂😂

  16. Why’d the guy grab the full beer before the game ended tho??

  17. drink the beeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

  18. it's called slap cup…

  19. Wanted to get drunk but i only have blue cups 😔

  20. Once you play this, beer pong is a joke compared to that game. Way more action and fun.

  21. Better name…."STACK HEEEEEEM"

  22. I call this stack cup… not rage cage

  23. This looks fun. I was trying to figure out how you win but then realized everybody does!

  24. if you have a group of people that actually try with this game, it'll make you not want to play any other drinking game.

    like 6-8 people with 20+ cups is best

  25. My friends love this game…we actually get super competitive lol

  26. This always ends up with one particular person in the group getting super drunk haha. Great game

  27. I LOVE THIS GAME! Once you catch on you can never play something as boring as beer pong again 😀

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