How to Play: Raptor!

Raptor, the tactical card game where you hunt for dinosaur eggs, might seem confusing, but Ivan Van Norman’s here to show you how to play. Soon your friends will be calling you the clever girl!

Find this helpful? Any games you want covered in this way? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It's rare that you can say a rules video is both easy to follow and quicker than reading the rulebook. But this is one of those times. Great work!

  2. Is there another game with this card dynamic? It is an interesting dynamic of win vs extra moves

  3. May I ask for the raptor's card number 5. Can I recover 2 raptor at any space or it need to be just an adjacent space between their mom.

  4. looks boring as hell and too small and fast ..

  5. So, basically, this is The Lost World Jurassic Park Game 2.0 (my fav game growing up). Interesting.

  6. Clear and concise. Thanks man!

  7. Great intro to Raptor!

    Would you consider looking at Addictive Alchemy?

  8. To decimate means to destroy a tenth of. If decimating the scientists were actually a win condition, the raptor would only be able to do so when all ten scientist figures are on the board.

    Decimation was a punishment in Ancient Rome for military units that had somehow failed in their duty or disgraced themselves. The unit was split into tens. lots were drawn. one of each ten would be killed by the other nine.

    There are other words you could use. Just don't say defenestrate, obliterate, annihilate, or diminish.

    What about devour, maul, kill, or slay?

  9. Can you please do how to play Bang!?

  10. In order to understand a game you must understand how to win. Right?

  11. Ivan, you were my favorite on King of the Nerds! I only watched the first season and was pretty bummed that you didn't win. I'll have to search around to see if you have more boardgame tutorials.

  12. Is How to play going to become a regular series? Are you taking requests? (I love to see people demo how to play games, its always cool to see different takes on the best way to teach a game)

  13. miss TableTop so much!!! Will W was so good. Please come back!

  14. I don't understand something.

    If you go second, can you use your special effect?

  15. Good tutorial: charismatic and easy to understand. But I would recommend losing the LEDs. They glare and they're an eyesore.

  16. when will table top start again i miss it this just makes me sad 🙁

  17. You sir, ARE NOT WILL WEATON+

  18. Hey, it's almost like Tabletop, except there's next to no gameplay, and it wasn't funny, and it bored me, and it was less than 5 minutes long.

  19. Please do Ultimate Werewolf! I struggle to explain it and a tutorial like this would really help!

  20. Not bad, but I feel like I could do with more demonstration, perhaps with some guest players and a celebrity host, someone who played a role in one of the Star Trek series.

  21. Everyone this is not tabletop. Please get over that fact. It is not trying to be. Stop posting incredibly obnoxious posts about how this isn't Tabletop or you wish it was. Let it be what it is.

    For what it is, I think it is great.

  22. Wow this seems like an awesome game! I so ned to buy this

  23. Please do a how to play of Pixel Glory

  24. Any chance they are going to do Telestrations on the new season of TableTop? My Daughter and I would very much appreciate it.

  25. You know raptors evolved into chicken pandas, true fact.

  26. This guys hair made me laugh. Was that intentional?

  27. As always Ivan, excellent summary. 🙂

  28. I love Ivan, but these little videos remind me how much longer we are going to have to wait for TableTop.

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