How to Play TWISTED FATE MID for Beginners | TWISTED FATE Guide Season 10 | League of Legends

How to Play TWISTED FATE MID for Beginners | TWISTED FATE Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Twisted Fate and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Twisted Fate and why he is a great mid laner to play, if you are into the mid role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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  1. You weren't really paying attention to the game in any of your deaths did ya? 😬😂

  2. 3:08 “Let’s talk about what makes TF so good.”
    Dies instantly

  3. I obviously suck but my favorite thing to do with TF besides kill steal from my friends is to use my ult to escape 2-4 man ganks

  4. that voli needs a chat restriction

  5. hey man, just discovered ur channel due to the wild rift hype 🙂 what are ur thoughts on TFs viability in wild rift?

  6. Imagine almost killing Twisted Fate, then he bring out the Uno Reverse Card

  7. If i was you i would report volibear he fucking inted so hard XD and he's flaming u when hes solo vs katarina XD

  8. Why people always report noobs for "trolling" in this game?

  9. I agree bro that TF is a great champ especially in low elo its so fun bro TF will help you climb if you do some objectives but nice vid bro!

  10. MipZ casually explaining all the abilities, meanwhile volibear hella tilted and flaming lmao. xD

  11. How do you fight against fizz as TF mid?

  12. Great video dude, this really helped me, also you deserve more subscribers

  13. danm that voli was kinda a dog ngl

  14. wow, a League of legends youtuber that's really mellow and chill,knows what they're saying and admits when they fucked up?

  15. The chat in this game was gold. Both teams flaming their teammates. Likely multiple surrender votes on both sides. Ivern top lane. Amazing.

  16. I'm watching this because I got 2 Twisted Fate champion shards in the same week. Riot has spoken to me.

  17. I wish I had more than 20 fps on my computer for lol meanwhile this guy has Fucking 200 fps sad face emoji

  18. Is ghost poro really the optimal rune for this champ
    im not sure but wouldn't be better for tf?

  19. That volibear 😂 classic league of legends player — feeding and flaming simultaneously, great vid! Was thinking of giving the old card slinger a try, Ty for the tips!

  20. Music in the background is too loud, it adds a lot of audio clutter to a video that is supposed to be a guide

  21. You seem really chill! I’ve been hoping to add twisted fate to my champ pool and I’m not a huge fan of those overhyped streamer guides. This is exactly the kind of stuff I love!!! Keep it up ❤️

  22. Been playing for years on and off now just came back. Loving tf

  23. sounds like @roomieoffical

  24. 15:21 the right choice will be the double tab . I think

  25. Does leveling up your E do anything?

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