How to Record PS3 Gameplay

I’ve been asked a few times now how to record PS3 Gameplay, as it’s not a simple case of plugging in a capture card. Well, here’s how you do it. I hope this helps if you are trying to capture PS3 footage for your Youtube videos.


The HDMI splitter featured in this video can be found here:

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  1. Do you just need the splitter?

  2. is it ok with a laptop instead of a capture card?

  3. You uploaded this on my birthday 😀

  4. Why does it have to be so compacted

  5. I'm watching in 2031

  6. quarantine is really bringing out the PS3 player in all of us

  7. That's bloody 4things I need to buy😩😤

  8. Honestly was bored of making videos on my ps4 and wanna make videos on my ps3 so thanks 🙏

  9. Im watching in July 2020 lol

  10. People who have discord reply

  11. Anyone know how I can get a cheap capture card that would work with this

  12. Quartantine going on, and I still don't know how to record ps now crap on my ps4, FUCK

  13. Do you need to go to the monitor and the capture card separately? The capture card has the HDMI out that goes to your monitor doesn't it?

  14. Do you need a monitor for this to work?

  15. Finally I can record some gameplay like motorstorm Pacific rift ,race driver grid and some cod for my channel thank you

  16. I'm playing PS3 to play destiny 1 because I need to understand the story before I play destiny 2 on my PS4.

  17. Why am I watching this in 2020

  18. I'm tryna play wwe 13 record

  19. You connect the splitter to the monitor and how do you start recording

  20. So all I need is a HDMI splitter and or do I need something else also?

  21. Do u need a pc to do this? Lol

  22. Was playing motorstorm on PS3 last night and wanted to capture the gameplay. 
    Thinking lets do some internet search and guess what 1st video on the tread
    unbelievable long leave the MOTorSTRM

  23. I love how a lot of people on here have Fortnite profile pics, that’s not aged well

  24. I know it's a stupid question but what is a capture card ?

  25. Thanks for the amazing help and video. Lol it’s 2020 and I’m just now watching this

  26. Why i whatch that o have a xbox 360

  27. So it will just start recording automatically? Or do I need to push a button to begin recording?

  28. Love the content

  29. Can you Amazon link to your capture card thanks. 😊

  30. i only have one hdmi slot 😢
    how to get a capture card?

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