HUGE Kirby Game is Coming SOON! "Pinnacle of the Series"

HAL Labs tells us that there are tons of Kirby Games on the way and the next one will be bigger than all of the others before it! What could this mean!?

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Intro- Super Mario World: GFM Trap Remix


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  1. How Much bigger than all? Enough to not just make appear a all the character of the series even anime characters, but also make playable all kirby abilities with a total of 54 and the return of star allies helpers, and dream friends?

  2. omg i used to love ur vids and i clicked on this not knowing it was u. now i know y i used to be addicted to ur vids!!!! thanks for the good content!!!!

  3. What about Kirby and Mario at the 2020 Olympics Tokyo.

  4. some months earlier i dreamed that i was coming out of school and i was playing a kirby game, a 3D game
    the phase was like a castle in clouds and there was a cannon and a multiplayer mode

  5. Would love to see a turn based rpg kirby game

  6. They could do a free roam Kirby game.

  7. Whatever they do, I just hope they don’t pull a Sonic and give Kirby a bunch of unnecessary edgy friends, or give him a Boom look, or give him guns, or make the new game all about one specific thing (like speed). Please, keep King Dedede and Meta Knight (maybe Adeleine too). Kirby can be 3D and open world, that’s fine! But just don’t make it a violent thing. Please make Kirby’s new friends powerful but in a cute and simple form like they’ve always been.

    But other than that, I’m excited!

  8. I really hope they somehow bring back the miracle fruit.

  9. augh no please no more heart wrecking lore and to be elaborated messages

  10. Since 3DS games are coming to the Switch, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot are more likely gonna be on the Switch.

  11. Imagine if they make a Kirby Game that you can play online with your and friends with everyone around the world

  12. We better get that Return To Dreamland port

  13. Holy cow I cant waitnand and censedering origami king is probly gonna come out

  14. In my opinion I still want the 2D classic just like Return to Dreamland and star allies

  15. Hopefully they talk about more about void termina

  16. I loved Return to Dream Land as well.

    I mean, come on…


  17. I want the new kirby game to be either a cross-over or something to do wit magolor he is so cool.

  18. Could you imagine an open world Kirby game…

  19. Am I the only one who wants a Kirby game with an overworld? Like for example was in Mario Oddysey, or Zelda Breath of the Wild…

  20. i wish kirby 26 th annivesary

  21. I've thought for a long time about a 3D Kirby game.

    Kirby Star Allies was okay, but WAY too easy. I shouldn't have 30 lives by the time I reach the 2nd world of the game. I miss the days of challenging Kirby games; Dream Land 3, Super Star, 64 Crystal Shards, etc.

    As for a collection. The 20th Anniversary on the Wii was a great start. Six of the biggest games in the series in one collection was amazing. Maybe an updated port of this set and include Return to Dream Land and Epic Yarn.

    I would like to see a collection of the spin-off games, it should include Avalanche, Dream Course, Pinball Land, Block Ball and the Japanese only Super Star Stacker, translated of course.

  22. wait, that wasn't what kirby star allies was?

  23. I can’t wait for the new Kirby game and past Kirby games returns

  24. I can’t wait for the new Kirby game and past Kirby games returns

  25. Imagine a contest about ALL the Kirby fans lets draw its own copy ability , could be AWESOME

  26. Maybe that last comment is going to be a game about Galacta Knight's origin, hopefully!

  27. I'd love an air ride. I think that racing games are underappreciated

  28. I want dreamland 3 remastered so much I miss using animal friends

  29. Kirby's Adventure Remake!

  30. I hope it means they'll finally make a full 3D kirby game

  31. What if it features Kirby right back at ya characters

  32. I'm just waiting for a game where you fight every Kirby boss that ever existed. Updated with both a normal and an EX variant. That would be great!

  33. Kirby Star Allies was f___ing great. For whatever Hal Laboratory is making for it to be the, "Pinnacle Of Kirby Games" it better be just as good. It may be an actual 3D Kirby game. Which depending on how they do it, could easily be as good as Star Allies. Or maybe their doing something in a DIY style. What I mean by, "DIY style" is, you might of guessed it, Kirby Maker. Or it could be like what they did for the 20th anniversary of the kirby series, where they took the first six games and put it together as a single game.

  34. What about team Kirby clash port

  35. first impressions are important, and the only problem with your channel I have is the intro music.

  36. If it's the "pinnacle of the series" then Sakurai should help out with development.

  37. I feel like the best bet for a 3D Kirby game would be a Mario Odyssey style, where yes it is 3D but it’s more linear compared to BOTW where it’s more of a full 3D exploration game,

  38. it will have every copy ability from previous traditional platformers

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