I Finally Built The Receiver, Battery, and Antenna In Raft The First Chapter! E8

Raft Game Gameplay Peeps! RAFT! Lost at Sea with ISLANDS?! Raft throws you and your friends into an epic oceanic adventure! Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea! Gather debris, scavenge reefs and build your own floating home, but be wary of the man-eating sharks!

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  1. Hey slip, if you haven't been told already the reason you cant place a ceiling tile on top of those ladders on top of your vroom is because you already have an angled ceiling tile in that area. It's all done in squares for placement.

  2. you need to armor the entire foundation of the raft to eliminate shark attacks.

  3. do more ark vids

  4. While watching another youtuber's raft series I found that if you use the triangle ceiling pieces: they are bugged to act as supports. Might be helpful for building.

  5. Ayo I yoused to watch you all the time aye and I kind off just stopped watching you because I got older so the different content I liked changed so i started to fade from your channel .I originally started watching you back in season two of pooping evolved aye and I loaded up this video just to see if you were still hanging out on youtube and I started to cry, mainly because watching your videos reminds me of the simpler old happy days of my childhood. So yea man you a actual blessing keep up the good work man.

  6. I think you should play more Ark DAILY STUFF AND THINGS
    Like to influence him plz

  7. im supper happy your still making videos keep ot up

  8. Can you join me on Ark survival evolved

  9. Slip after watching you play I wanna get this game! Looks so fun! But also kinda grindy… looks like the planks are always in short supply lol build more tree farms maybe

  10. There are little trophies you get when fishing, like a little waving cat. Those can probably go on the small trophy boards.

  11. “Builds beacon”.

  12. Had to revisit UGH! when you wrote that. Awesome game from the early 90's that would drive you start raving mad.

  13. 🙄👄🙄 why do you keep saying you don't get resources back from chopping down structures, the resources are clearly appearing int the bottom right! Shacking SMH my head…

  14. you should make your raft floors into the armored type, then the shark won't bite your raft anymore
    Of course I posted this comment without even haven't watch the episode to end!

  15. First thing that come to my mind as you put up the shark. It will come alive in your sleep and eat you! Nice raft thanks for the video ^^

  16. Yeah.. Slip likes to build big.

  17. kill the seagull to get drumsticks for cooking and recipe

  18. Lovin the raft Sl1p, very cool series:)

  19. Another great video by our friendly neighborhood Sl1pg8r!

  20. Slip, I think you can delete the supports after building the ceiling! A waste of resources, but better than having a bunch of poles in every room!

  21. Raft is fun to watch, I'm a fan

  22. Me and a friend got this game 3 days ago and have gotten lost in it hardcore. its a very fun game, relaxing as well!

  23. Yo Sl1p… Pro Tip .. If you right click on a stack of items, you will grab one from a stack and if you mouse wheel click, you will split the stack in half and grab half the sack . Cheers !

  24. I was going to comment on the last video but forgot. I just remembered, those islands that you dont find anything on top,there is a good chance there is a chest underwater somewhere on the island. So if you dont find anything up top make sure you take a dive just in case

  25. The rug really ties the room together.

  26. Great game. NO end game what so ever. A shame

  27. Sl1p, if you build the top floor out of the wedges, you can remove the supports after they are built.

  28. RAFT STUFF AND THINGS, id give my stuff and my things for more of that

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