Intermediate Python Tutorial #4 – Filter() Function

Today’s Topic: filter() function, the filter function is very similar to the map() function shown in the previous video. It takes again, two arguments (function, iterable) and applies the function to all of the items in the iterable. If the function returns a True value then that item will be added to a new list.

In this set of videos I will be explaining more advanced programming concepts and showing you intermediate-advanced tools that you can use in python. A lot of these tools will help you to solve problems/code more efficiently and will save you a ton of time!

Text-Based Tutorial:


Future topics:
5. Lambda Functions
6. Intro to Collections
7. Collections: named tuple
8. Collections: deque
9. Collections: orderedDict
10. Collections: defualtDict
11. docstrings

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  1. Clear explanation man! Thanks

  2. You deserve more viewers. This stuff ain't that easy at first, but then your explanation makes it a lot easier to understand. Thank you.

  3. These tutorials progressively get less and less views. They deserve more views!!

  4. I wish u had more subs

  5. great video
    please make a tutorial on making pacman with pygame

  6. Nice i want to became a python developer please tell some tips for that

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