Joker Game Opening LETRA/LYRICS 【Reason Triangle】


ANIME: Joker Game
CANCION: “Reason Triangle” By QUADRANGLE


sankakkei wo kuzushite
hisomeru angou wo yomitoru
suraido saseteku
puraido wo tamotsu
atarashii katachi de kotae wo michibiku
shinmokuhyou sekai wo yatte, ikinokore!
mado kara sashikomu kibou no hikari ga
kodoku wo tsutsun de kage wo kagayakasu
hitomi wa mirai to byakuya wo toraeta
jibun wo shinji te jibun wo ayatsure!


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  2. it's been 3 years ago i watching this anime XD
    2019 still exist

  3. This opening is just… Awesome! Perfection. I wish this anime had more developed storyline and exploration of the characters life. Being episodic kinda ruined it for me. It had soooo much potential. Love it anyway.

  4. This song should be perfect for a 1940s japanese and sino-vietnamese casino.

  5. Uno de los mejores openings que eh esuchado y uno de los mejores animes que eh visto

  6. Bu anime çok az izleniyor ya

  7. oh man I love high IQ character , everyone of them is just so badass and more logical thinking , wish I can meet some of these guy in real life ahhahahha

  8. This song is a sample of the intro of the show "Chips" isn't it ?

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