Kirby 3D Platformer & Animal Crossing Recreations in Dreams (+Bonus Mario 64 DS Minigame!)

Check out what a 3D Kirby platformer could play like, complete with copy abilities! And some creators have attempted to bring the world of Animal Crossing to life, one with a very convincing Rolling Log effect & time of day system!


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  1. Please give the REAL names of these cat villagers reply this and i will agree

  2. nintendo gamexplain madic toy s star&max Direct e3
    Level up 3Ds 2017

  3. Kirby Lost in Dream Land will be unveiled later this year of Kirby 3D 2020 or 2021

  4. honestly, we could really use some 3D kirby games right now. nintendo needs to step it up and start making 3D kirby games. the side-scrollers are getting a little too old. sure we did have kirby air ride which is the first, and only 3d kirby game (which by the way that game is underrated). i wouldn't count kirby blowout blast or kirby battle royal as those are more top down games, not exactly 3d.

  5. Glover is getting made in dreams aswell.

  6. This is a bad game don't play dream guys play Mario maker it more fun than dream

  7. So basically Kirby: Lost in Dreams is Kirby 64 but in 3D

  8. Make a video on the Disneyland dream

  9. I wish Dreams can be for every game console platform like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and even PC.

  10. If you have an idea of how difficult it is to make a level like those animal crossing ones are, you'd probably like it.

  11. It drove me mad when you counted that fourth jump out of nowhere

  12. “I just love my life.” Not sure that’s what she said but alright. 😅

  13. Yes the best Yoshi game ever

  14. The FIRST 3D kirby game will come out when:
    -Mother 3 gets translated
    -Half-Life 3 will come out
    -Scott Pilgrim is re-released
    -When the switch gets themes
    -Bubsy Gets actually good
    -And when the masterpiece, Captain Falcon's Space Adventure Comes to the switch.
    (All required to summon the next 3D included and no guarantee of being in the right timeline)

  15. nintendo and most other companies: sends c&ds
    creators of dreams: IT'S FREE REAL ESTATE!

  16. Nintendo can't take down these fangames, because they're all a Dream

  17. I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't made a 3D Kirby game (Kirby Air Ride doesn't count)

  18. No one cares about Dreams. Start a second channel called GXPlays or something.

  19. again all of these look like unfun unplayable shit

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