Longplay of Rocket Power: Beach Bandits

Longplay of Rocket Power: Beach Bandits, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Sep. 24th, 2002. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:56 – Intro
0:03:15 – Opening

Ocean Shores Day 1
0:09:45 – Half-pipe Skateboard Challenge
0:21:55 – Eddie’s Mask Challenge
0:36:07 – Shooting Gallery

0:45:57 – A Fence Too High
0:49:44 – Central Lake (empty)
0:51:14 – A Bridge Too Far
0:53:27 – Pumping Station 1
0:55:25 – Pumping Station 1 Interior
0:57:26 – Water, Water Everywhere
0:59:32 – Forest Maze
1:02:19 – Log Jam
1:03:55 – Pumping Station 2
1:05:46 – Pumping Station 2 Interior
1:08:08 – Twister Snoops Around
1:11:39 – Zip Line Ride
1:15:35 – Central Lake (full)
1:16:48 – Wave Madness
1:20:33 – Sharkbot Grotto
1:26:50 – Pumping tation 3 Interior
1:31:58 – Something Fishy Going On

Ocean Shores Day 3
1:40:45 – Half-pipe Roller Duel
2:10:05 – The Brains That Ate California
2:17:35 – Stink Bomb Derby

Wishing Waters
2:21:22 – Wishing Waters
2:28:36 – Experimental Robot Lab
2:39:38 – Brain Drain
2:43:33 – Robot Boot School
2:50:08 – Factory Floor
2:57:16 – Twister Snoops Some More
3:01:12 – Sam Sorts It Out
3:03:45 – Cyrax Blows His Top

Ocean Shore Day 3
3:13:15 – Rocket Delivery
3:26:45 – Madtown Competition
3:35:25 – Bumper Car Demolition Derby

Mondo Mountain
3:46:03 – Bruised Man’s Curve
3:50:56 – Mondo Mountain
3:58:08 – A Rocky Road
4:02:24 – Going Up
4:08:12 – The Guardian of the Volcano
4:13:20 – Ride the Pipes
4:16:05 – Ventilation Nation (1/2)
4:23:03 – Sam Shuts it Down
4:24:40 – Ventilation Nation (2/2)
4:29:14 – Volcano Fortress (1/2)
4:42:26 – Robot Army HQ
4:48:33 – Volcano Fortress (2/2)
4:49:18 – A Picture’s Worth A…
4:53:22 – The Earthquake Machine
4:57:15 – Golem Senior Vs. Rocket Power

Ocean Shores Day 4
5:09:15 – Roller Showdown
5:13:34 – Wave Duel
5:20:02 – Skateboard Shootout
5:26:40 – Hoverboard Insanity

5:33:50 – Ending
5:35:24 – Credits

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  1. So Rocket Power got it's own GameCube game and it's actually a platformer rather than a racing game or stunt-trick game.

    The concept is pretty simple, you start out in Ocean Shore and you do a few tasks here, one of which requires 20 coins to collect. After that, you go to a new area with robots and platforming. Repeat twice more (yes, that includes the 20 coins) and you're done.

    There are actually a few trick-style missions in the game but they are absurdly easy (happen at Ocean Shores). Other than that.. it's all platforming. Oh, except for the ending.. where you actually have to RACE! This is my favourite part of the game possibly, and I wish there was more of it.

    Anyways, the platforming works fine, the game isn't too difficult and the combat is super bland but that's to be expected from a platforming style game. Your enemies are robots, so there's no blood spills happening here. Maybe some oil spills and screws falling off.

    What's mostly crazy about this game is the whole storyline.. I watched this show as a child (never a fan) and it was usually about skating, bullies and "being cool". In this game, some EXTREMELY WEALTHY MULTITRILLIONAIRE is trying to take over Ocean Shores through some evil plan (why doesn't he just buy the beach instead? I mean… he has enough money for all these evil inventions, robots and extremely huge robot factory and whatnot..). So anyway, the team tries to stop his evil doings and has to infiltrate his bases and take photographs and destroy hundreds of robots and most importantly.. try not to get killed. The bad guy literally wishes death upon the kids in "Cyrax Blows His Top" by sending some killer robot shark at them.

    So, for game based on some innocent kids show, it's all a bit over the top. (In the final chapter you're literally having a skating competition on some super high sky platform).. but whatever, it's cool, and that's what this show is about.

  2. The music is what i remember the most. This game is iconic

  3. 2:00 I just thought it was my game that did that abrupt stop in the music… lol

  4. Thats fantastic, thanks for sharing

  5. I always wanted to play as lars

  6. It feels like it was yesterday playing this game… So nostalgic.

  7. Otto landing a trick: "DICK IS MY MIDDLE NAME!"

  8. That intro, instantly gives the chills!

    Thanks for taking this game back to our memories 👌

  9. Like how all of the kids sound older. They really should have made a spin-off show of them in middle school or high school. Would have been cool. 🙌💪 and Yea game seems cool.

  10. I loved this game growing up Nd the show was one of my all time favorites

  11. This sure brings back memories, i remember playing it on game cube back in the day with my brother and we enjoyed it a lot despite we didn't understand a sigle word in english back then, i think that speaks a lot of videogame, that two kids with no knwoledge of the lenguaje can enjoyed and finish it.

  12. This Game was Fire!! I hope a remake comes just like spongebob rehydrated

  13. If anyone wants a remake of this game say schools out for summer.

  14. Why is a purple sperm the logo for a game company

  15. This video just made me remember: I forgot I had dis game

  16. This was first Nickelodeon Game on the GameCube

  17. Ah memories i use to play this all the time at my friend's house me,him,his brother and rest of our friends use to play this for hours on end. I knew every single line from the game and would dominate in all multiplayer games only lots few time but to this day remin the champion against everyone. God the memories

  18. I remember playing this on ps2

  19. I loved this game but i was afraid of some 'monsters'

  20. This game was incredible. The story and gameplay was so far ahead of its time. I played it several times on PS2. Such a bizarre story for something like rocket power, but boy was it so much fun. Thanks for the nostalgia

  21. The soundtrack made me kum in my bitches

  22. my GOD. this brings back such nostalgic memories

  23. Loved rocket power I’m thinking of actually playing it again cause of how fun and insane it was

  24. This game actually looks fun though I think It's kinda weird hearing only voices when they're at the beach in the beginning. At least have some ocean wave and seagull sounds in the background or have some background music to fit the scenes. Ya'know?

  25. If you take a while to press start at the beginning of the game. Sometimes Someone else besides Otto says "Rocket power "

  26. I loved this game. First game I got on PS2

  27. Many will never understand ❤️

  28. Nicky, ricky, dicky, and dawn rocket science

  29. Its obvious the graphics arw are better than when i played(and still own it) on gameboy

  30. This game made me realize I was gay

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