Making Bacon Soup from Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3

Today I will make Bacon Soup from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3.

Bacon Soup is a favorite meal of Bendy, Boris and possibly Alice Angel in the game and also only meal that Henry can eat in the Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 1,2 and in the newest Chapter 3! I make it by painting normal can. By following the steps in this video you can create your own Bacon Soup! And it tastes delicious as you see at the end of the video:).

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  1. Where the expiration dated?

  2. so cool Bendy ha Nu of your Bisnus

  3. YOU LITERALLY WASTED 2 minutes and 30 seconds ON A CREATION! >=(

  4. You know that you missed spelled little right U forgot the L

  5. Also I was shocked when you started all over with a new coat of paint on A whole can.

  6. I really like the song in the video really good job making the bacon soup.


  8. Boris would like to know your location.

  9. Now he has bacon soup. great. He is gonna live in a bendy life in da futurr

  10. What is up with these love songs?

  11. 9:40 "Just like The simulations"

  12. Lol. Are you sure you can eat it with a fork I think it might be liquid

  13. 9:28 that part makes me laung because i throw the fork hahahahahaha is my part favorite hahahahaha that part also makes me laugh hahahahaha😂😂😂😂

  14. 👍 I will lake this vidio

  15. Can you make twisted bonnie

  16. 👍👍👑💍💎💎💎💎💎💎💎


  18. Amazing work amazing work it so amazing there I just want to come to your house and want to make with you the bacon soup you know I am Indian I want to come to

  19. Change your name into the old one.

    the new name is unholy

  20. 9:41 r.i.p batim bacon soup


    U will be missed…..

  21. Bendy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. When you eat with fork…
    Nope just drink it with paint…. /:}
    Just drink with yourself
    Nah your fork's not working
    Are you sure you want to repeat the painting?
    You'll tired lookin'
    Just rest
    Maybe you always eat bacon soups
    And Bendy is an actual bacon
    Just cook him I mean bendy
    Because he's a total bacon demon
    Just 5 cents will work
    What if Bendy's cartoon is real
    No… That's just in game
    I never play batim lol
    And batdr will come out in 2020
    I'm sure everyone love the game
    Will everyone gonna get the game that's not released yet?
    No I think…..
    Just wait until it came out
    Of the dirty can of bacon soups
    You opened with an knife
    I'm sure this bacon soup has expired when is past…..
    So long…

  23. Me wondering:I want this to be merch now!

    Me after 4 years:I don’t see merch ;-;

  24. I didn't expect there to actually be bacon soup in their 🥓 🥫

  25. with one was the easiest?

  26. créates new ink machine

  27. 0:15 when my mum wants me to paint on a cup or something and I get angry because I don’t wanna paint

  28. Imagine that he shows this can to his son and than when he plays bendy his son is like… IS MY DAD BIG BENDY?

  29. Whats the name of the 1st song?

  30. He forgot the expiring date ;-;

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