Making Nintendo-Themed PANCAKE ART – 10 Minute Power Hour

P.P.I.S.S. (The Pokemon Pancake Intake Service System) is back with an upgrade chip that allows him to scan Nintendo character pancakes and identify what they are! Unfortunately after this episode we are going to have to decommission him due to a maple syrup malfunction. Say goodbye to Jory–I mean, P.P.I.S.S., because this is the last time you’ll ever see him alive!


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  1. Does Arin think Yoshis shell is a saddle….

  2. I managed to miss this one somehow…. glad I found it even if I'm a bit late.

  3. I feel like they missed an opportunity to name the robot “P.N.I.S”

  4. I'm a relatively new subscriber and I'm just now learning that Dan is 41. Oh my god.. Lol I'm 25 and look about the same. If not slightly older. worrying what I'll look like at 41. I'll probably look like a senior citizen at this rate

  5. Some times I feel like the Grumps company must keep aftercare packages for the employees after the Power Hours…

  6. Ralph's: where no prices are lower prices than Ralph's

  7. Dan you just Fueled the fan art/fan Fiction 😂

  8. Last video I watch before i die

  9. Ppiss is afraid of being po-po-punished

  10. "flesh color" to describe a white girl smh

  11. The character was Bowser but Arin drew blanka

  12. my mom thought i was crying at one in the morning so she came into my room, but i was just laughing at npiss

  13. The only thing that scares me about 10 minute power hour is the thought of Arin sitting on the right and Dan sitting on the left.

  14. Someone please tell me why the accents of the gun in the beginning are yellow in one angle and red in another

  15. why is this 10 minute power hour edited like a 2010 vlog

  16. With all that food dye, that dude was probably in the bathroom for a good hour.

  17. Got an ad for Clorox on this. Kek.

  18. 4:29 I laughed so hard at his impression

  19. Dan’s Yoshi actually looks amazing. Not entirely yoshi-like but it’s a hella cool dinosaur

  20. The way Arin treats P.P.I.S.S is a mood

  21. Dan singing the Frasier credits song made my night

  22. Are we going to ignore the fact that Arin isn’t aware that there are two types of spatula?😂

  23. I love that Dan knows ROB for the actual toy and not the annoying Smash fighter.

  24. We need more Jory 😔 so much more Jory

  25. I am proud of dan for slapping arin's ass

  26. Bring back NPISS but change it to Overall Pancake Intake Service System. Or OPISS for short

  27. I just realized the way they say N.P.I.S.S is the same way you would pronounce NSP if you said it as a word….

  28. Jory just gets verbally abused this whole time, but he is getting some pancakes

  29. 1: Ganon
    2: star faced creature
    3: generic green dinosaur
    4: off brand C3PO
    5: incineror

  30. can you do another one of these but with animal crossing characters and name the robot acpiss

  31. I can’t wait for S.P.I.S.S the Sonic Pancake Intake Service System

  32. I'd like to see an episode featuring N.P.I.S.S. and Trivia Boy

  33. I thought Arin was joking at first but the “turner/spatula” conversation baffled me. What the fuck is a turner?

  34. the best part of this is
    not giving NPISS a lapel mic

  35. P.P.I.S.S im sure is going to have diabetes after the last pancake.

  36. They're making pancakes and they don't have a spatula even though they had peanut butter and pretzel sticks?

  37. I'm really disappointed they didn't call it the PNISS

  38. That Yoshi looks 90% like Tabaluga

  39. No… it’s not a turner… or a flipper…. it’s a spatula… the rubber thing is a rubber scraper…

  40. dinosaurs are not nintemdo

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