Map and Filter Functions in Python – Python Tutorial for Absolute Beginners | Mosh

Confused about map, filter and lambda functions in Python? Watch this Python tutorial.

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  1. Hopefully your are fine
    Dear sir i am from Pakistan and want to deep study of AI do you please help me???

  2. Who notice sooooooooooo

  3. Hi, could anybody please tell me why he put 1 inside the brackets at 1:13?

  4. Which program do you using?

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  6. This is not working on python 3.7

  7. Explain the item[1] please, what is [1]?!

  8. Hi Mosh.
    As you said in your javascript oop course, do you have any plan on creating a course about algorithm and data structures?
    Your courses are awesome!

  9. map() and filter() functions can be easily replicated by list comprehensions. They are mostly redundant.

  10. Seems like full course is gonna be uploaded here in parts that's truely awsome

  11. Mosh please reply to my Facebook message!!!! regarding access to course website..

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