Map, Filter, and Reduce Functions || Python Tutorial || Learn Python Programming

The map, filter, and reduce functions simplify the job of working with lists. In this lesson, we show you how to use each function. If you also use lambda expressions, you can accomplish a great deal in a single line of code!

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty (@ulkam on Twitter)
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison (@mlh496 on Twitter)


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  2. can anyone please write my the FUNCTION for the the lambda expression used in fahrenheit problem

  3. Lambda is ruining scopes of other programming languages 🤣🤣😂😂

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  6. Python should be comedian because its full of one liners… Love It!

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  8. So are these functions as fast/slow as writing your own for loops?

  9. Very useful and informative videos. Thank you for your work. You help a lot. SUBSCRIBED

  10. This is simply brilliant

  11. Great! I like Python because of these advanced techniques.
    That is why I like to teach Python 🙂

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    Will you continue making all this great stuff ? 👌
    Greetings from Belgium.

  13. I love this style 😀
    Like I'm listening to a briefing in Command&Conquer, or something.

  14. Poor guy, the creator of python is shown as the most wanted fugitive who is the next target on the list

  15. Intoxicating facial expressions can't get enough of it.

  16. This style is perfect because there is no emotional sway or emphasis in the presentation to decode – perfect for developers and nerds like me – lol

  17. reduce function == aggregate function in c# linq

  18. only problem I have with using lambda is that it returns a None type which is quiet often annoying

  19. Deva re deva …darr gaya mai toh….anyway ..very interactive..session & the beautiful lady

    This video: "This name was chosen because it filters the data that you do not need".
    Me: thank fuck for this video.

  21. @Socratica
    How can I get download the python documentation from the below link. please help to get it.

  22. , Loved the way she makes insight from the data like the fuel amount cannot be negative ……

  23. stupidity ill says you can just do this with using the NumPy LOL with more readable Syntex.

  24. The mode of this lady is horrible. But I really enjoyed all tutorials.

  25. Your explanations are the best! Thanks for the help.

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  29. I am going through Udacity Nanodegree , with all the resources they have , this is the only place i finally understand map , filter functions.

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  31. Nice innovative idea than other tutorials to explain…. Loved it

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    !!!! great work

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  38. This is the most entertaining python tutorial I have seen lol, but at the same time, I got what I need. Thank you!

  39. Tutorials by Skynet are exactly how you would imagine them.

  40. Bravo for the video. Thank you.

  41. Wow! I can't believe you are dis'ing the reduce function. The reduce function is the general form for more specific functional ideas.. A solid understanding of reduce is essential for any modern programmer.

  42. The course is very simple… But the art direction is sooooo cool <3.

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