Mighty Mike (Power Pete) Intro and First Level

This is a sampling of the intro and first level of Mighty Mike, also known as Power Pete, and developed by Pangea Software. Power Pete came on our Macintosh Performa 6300CD circa 1995. This walk through was done using SheepShaver and QuickTime screen recording.

I still have the original Power Pete game, but it’s unplayable on an emulator. When Pangea rereleased the game later as Mighty Mike they fixed it so it won’t run at ludicrous speed.

I beat the game once as a kid, and it was NOT easy. You can see from the playback that you’re limited in the directions you can shoot. There’s a lot of levels, but fortunately you can save your place. Obviously I didn’t do so well at this play through, as I got lost and backtracked the whole level before finding the last bunny. The main point is to showcase the gameplay, the music, and the wonderful back talking by Pete though.

I do have access to the music samples for the rest of the levels, and I could put together a video showcasing those if people want it. I’m not going to do a complete play through the whole game though.

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  1. I have been trying to remember this game for years and finally found it!

  2. the music in this game was SIIIICK

  3. Thanks for the upload! Such fond memories of this game. I’d been wanting to hear the music, sound effects, and watch it again.

  4. #nostalgia, when i'm 8 ys and play it for first time, lol, creepy but good..❤️

  5. I played something like this in my Kindergarten class, but I don't know if it was this game exactly… It was some kind of game with a buff man firing a machine gun, I think maybe he wore camo gear.

  6. This game I use to play it with my sis in lil brother it's fun asf

  7. does anyone else remember an area to the east of the map where you could glitch outside the map? my siblings and i thought we were so clever, but i don't think there was a way of getting back in the game without just dying.

  8. Queria o arquivo para o sheepshave

  9. Nostalgia makes me sad. We were poor kids and one day my aunt dropped off a brand new computer apple 6400. Loved this game. Hard to get now. But I'll try to get the same computer. Power Pete. The best.

  10. Fuck yes, Power Pete!!!! My childhood. Take that, you fiend!!!

  11. Oh! Right in the childhood. I never got very far…

  12. Oh my god Power Pete !!!! Great memories !

  13. Bunga Bunga 萬華萬華,艋舺艋舺。

    不知道怎沒有大稻埕大稻埕呢?哈哈。Tua Tiu Tiann Tua Tiu Tiann

  14. I can't believe I just pulled this game out of my memory.

  15. I never understood this game. Didn't like it.

  16. omg loved this game so much in the 90s

  17. Burned this out during comp. class. Free period? Mighty Mike BIIIISH!

  18. This game was so much fun growing up I love, driving around in the little cars throwing different items at eachother!

  19. I've been looking for this forever just to hear the unga bunga part

  20. Oooohhh yo jugaba eso y era hermoso

  21. Anyone help a brother get that emulated for Mac OS X? version 10.9.5? This game was my childhood right here and I don't know too much about emulators, especially for macs!

  22. God I wish i could get this for Windows…This game was my lifeblood when I was like 7 years old. I so wanna play it again….

  23. 02:50
    萬華萬華 Bunga Bunga
    艋舺艋舺 Bunga Bunga

    "Bunga" sounds like Taipei, Wanhua in Taiwanese, Bang-Ka

  24. Jogava esse jogo quando tinha uns 6 anos no Macintosh do trabalho da minha mãe. As horas passavam como minutos. #Nostalgia

  25. where can i find the game over graphic?

  26. I have the original Power Pete game on a Mac, and it's pretty fun! The gameplay is great, the music is great, but the game over screen is really creepy

  27. This game appears on Macs NOT PCs. My parents banned me from playing it when I was a child, because exposure to violence is bad for children with special needs.

  28. Where can I play this game?

  29. wow, thanks for uploading… brings back so much memories, this game came with my Macintosh Performa 6200CD back in 1996 (I later upgraded to a 6300CD).

  30. Is there a way to get a copy for the pc? It's been so many years I didn't beat it either.

  31. it's been 19 years…. ohhh how I've missed you so so much! thanks for all the adventures and kick ass tunes Power pete! you'll always have a place in my heart.

  32. It's been ten years… TEN YEARS… since I played this for the first time… I WANT TO PLAY IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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