Millionaire Douche Thinks You're a Loser If You Play Video Games

Some people want you to feel bad about spending your time a certain way. They think because they have money or are successful that what they say carries more truth. I’m here to show you why that’s bullshit and why not EVERYONE who plays video games is a loser.


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  1. "If you play video games for any amount of time, you are a fucking loser."

    Tell me what you think of this sentence lol


  2. This guy's hating on games cuz he probably got his ass kicked in some video game

  3. Ok how bout this….. If your rich and make a video of why if you play video games your a loser: your a loser!

  4. Love your dog's reaction to you with your sword saying no one direspects wamen when im around

  5. I am still confused why you don’t have 1 million subs

  6. I'm in the United States Army and I love video games, comic books, movies, TV shows, manga and anime.

  7. Oh well, guess the skilled gamers that compete in tournaments are losers

  8. I avenged him for the development of #ActClan

  9. He got scared and deleted the video

  10. He made the video private HAHAHAHAHA

  11. He got made fun of for having a naruto emblem in bo1.

  12. i love how that guy ignore friendship and social life, and i think he should step back and think: don't we live because we want to enjoy our lives ?

  13. Can’t be a fucking loser by playing if you’re a virgin; you’ve never been fucked!! 🤣

  14. This is what happens to guy when his friends doesn't accept his invitation to play call of duty .

  15. Him saying video games are for dumbs
    Me when opening my game: this is where the fun begins

  16. No offense but when you said macedonians as mackediones my brain hurt

  17. Did you know that Adolf hitler played video games.

  18. Nah im not waiting till im 18 to even have the legal possibility to do what i want in live, no im not playing videogaes to wait for it

  19. There is some truth to it… if you play >4 hours of video games on the daily instead of doing something else to better yourself at. I remember the Mw2 days, I was playing 10 straight hours a day. Now I'm busier working as a registered nurse 3-4 times a week which leave me a lot of time, and I choose to use that time to read/learn something as well as been jiujitsu. I still play games but once in a blue moon, I no longer enjoy playing more than 30 minutes at a time, it feels time wasting.

    My point is, you SHOULD be playing less as you grow older and I'm 24. I have friends who are older who are proud that they reached max level in a game. I use them as a bench mark that they should trying to reach max level in life instead. I wouldn't say gamers are losers, but don't let it take over your early adulthood, you should be priming and training to get good quality pussy yo… that IS the goal in life.

  20. F##king numnut I’m a virgin a nerd and I watch anime and I’m still better than you call me a loser again mr oneemay

  21. It’s funny because we are heading to a digital world and to some extent we are there but not yet

  22. I don't like anime, that doesn't mean I'm gonna call somebody who does like it "a loser".

  23. Must love the DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 theme

  24. Lol the video has been privated

  25. Brings up successful people who made video games :


    F A L L O U T 7 6

    Oh God

  26. When you realize this dude watches Ann E Mi

  27. You know what's more funny?

    Damian may be right 😆😆😆

  28. Lmaoo he’s probably one of those fake internet marketers who sells overpriced courses on the internet towards desperate people who want to make it in life.

  29. This guys basically saying to attack and conquer the world

  30. Mybe he was trying to say that we can do better things with our time instead of playing video games

  31. Runescape Music in the background niceeee:)

  32. The guy who uploaded it privatized the video because of how much hate he got for it

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