Most Popular Backend Frameworks | 2012-2019

Timeline of most popular Backend Frameworks from 2012 to 2019. Based on the number of Stars of the repositories exported from GitHub Archive.
Data source: GitHub Archive

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  1. We love Laravel for the web app we been doing it in Laravel for long now. Either it is Upwork clone, CRM software or Social Media we alwasy prefer Laravel

  2. In Stack Overflow and jetbrains the most popular backend framework is .Net Core, why?

  3. Ruby on Rails:I am inevitable
    Laravel:I am…I am Iron man👌

  4. Github stars totally conceal J2EE & JEE super-stardom, it was quite popular and is popular in enterprize apps till now. Robust and scalable applications, with strongly typed syntax, highly secured application, ecosystem, eventual complexity as the applications mature, etc., then JAVA / JEE is the solution.
    To start-off JEE is complex and quite configuration-heavy, and hence the answer was Spring. Spring is extremely powerful and quick to start an app, that way prototype to full-scale applications are very well addressed by JAVA.
    No doubt JS, Python, come to rescue for quick prototypes, but to maintain a large code bases and provide robust builds, JAVA is the answer. JS thrives on the client side, Python for focused scope of work on the server side, c++ to implement high performance parts, is the way. But relying on JS or Python as the application server is not a strategic move.
    So be fair to showcase the actual winner here, by mentioning JAVA the winner for Backend frameworks. J2EE / JEE, specs are implemented by many vendors namely; JBOSS, Websphere, Weblogic, Glassfish, etc.,. Spring is out of the box framework to deliver quick development and delivery.
    In 2020, JAVA is lot less verbose and fun to code.

  5. NET CORE recien aparece el año 2016 y en la grafica que existe en año 2012 jajajajaj

  6. How flask is above at django I will never understand.

  7. We could see a glimpse of phoenix at the end of 2018. It deserves more attention tbh. It's hella good for those who want to have something like rails, but faster and more modern

  8. python wins obviously FLASK + DJANGO +- 90K almost double any other… i love python s2

  9. I was going to switch from laravel to django. most developers say that it s little bit faster than laravel. Do you agree with that?

  10. Ruby on rails is declining as I guessed

  11. Wait where is nodejs

  12. Django actually overtook express? Wow

  13. Honorable mentions like node.js????

  14. Hmmm I don't feel like Github stars are necessarily lining up with what I see in the industry, Flask at #2? Never really seen someone use Flask beyond small personal projects…

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