My Summer Car – Episode 50 – Making Bacon

Turning scrap, playing cards, dropping unsuspecting drunkards into concrete holes… just your average day of grinding in Suomi…

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  1. lol people keep raming you

  2. I loved episode 607 and 8

  3. Him: does a lot of effort to get the wreck to fleetari

  4. have have to get a new gear box

  5. Do you ever tried to hitch a ride with your green cousin there, I wonder? Coz i’m still 15 eps more to your latest MSC.

  6. Trapping those cars was slick af

  7. I love rock & roll. Aka Killmouseky

  8. Where the hell is this Montage!

  9. I hit the like button as soon as the drunkard was in!

  10. You should have used the sledge hammer to widen the septic tank then placed the sleeping drunk into the hole

  11. Usually the Ace in Blackjack can either be a 1 or 11 but not in this game apparently

  12. Darn, from the thumbnail I thought you were literally making bacon from the sleeping guy and cooking him on a barbecue…

  13. 24:34 Not the first time you woke up with sausages in your face?

  14. this is the most evil I've seen paul in a while

  15. it is an old truck so i guess you should expect some gearbox problems

  16. as for the drunkard , you leave him right in front of the house he asks you to pull over
    dont need to enter his house passageway or anything like that

  17. you got to rev match when changing gears now

  18. Please keep this series going :DD

  19. I believe you can teleport into the house even if the police is still there. Just lean through the wall and go sleep in the bed.

  20. I thought this was supposed a montage special

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