NEW SUPER EASY WAY OF GETTING GOLD IN MINECRAFT?! | Python Plays Minecraft Survival [Episode 62]

Minecraft Survival Let’s Play – Discovering a new SUPER EASY way of getting LOADS of Minecraft Gold and creating a Minecraft Villager Infection Chamber to gain heavy Minecraft trading discounts!
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Welcome to Python Plays Minecraft Survival! In this Minecraft Survival Let’s Play, you can expect pretty much everything Minecraft has to offer: Exploring the Minecraft world, creating lovely Minecraft builds, caving in Minecraft Survival as well as the technical aspect of Minecraft Survival with farms and more! Hope you enjoy this Minecraft Survival Let’s Play, thanks for stopping by!

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This is my Minecraft Survival Let’s Play – Episode 62!


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  1. Šßddddddd lol hi love vid

  2. What textur pack do u use?

  3. if you want gold make a nether farm with piglins 😀 and it gives you lot of exp to

  4. Python I love your vids you are the best

  5. I love your video never stop playing Minecraft are your videos love them

  6. Well yay it definitely is much worth mining gold in the nether than the overworld, now i think overworld gold has lower value and can be used merely as aesthetics

  7. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊

  8. I still think you should make a gold farm so that you don't have to go mining.

  9. Did stamps change his name or do they just sound like the same person 😹

  10. All are Buckheads 😮🤣

  11. Maybe to get down to you hub from your top base you could have a water elevator

  12. Im on xbox beta 1.16 and i cant find any gold in the nether! Have they not included gold in nether on xbox one does anyone know?

  13. what enchant does your compas have

  14. You should do a survival series on an amplified world. 😀

  15. Had my volume all the way up as he starts out screaming hello, almost fell out of my chair lol

  16. Started watching this series one week ago today. 62 amazing episodes later and I can’t wait for the next one. Great vids Python!

  17. Wow…I miss a handful of episodes and Python has min/max'd himself into OPdom.

  18. Why aren't you a part of Hermitcraft 7? You were my favorite person in season 6 D:

  19. Can you join the hermitcraft 7 server?

  20. You should put your Chicken in your Offhand

  21. Python you should make a statue of a red creeper somewhere representing that you are the king of the world by the way love your vids

  22. Omg I watched at the start of the series like when u started and now I come back to this!!! Love your vids keep it up.

  23. 3:10. Nope. He mined 5 which means 5 ingots and he only got 36 so that’s 4
    You might of got 10 but I wouldn’t risk it for 1 nugget that might not be worth it

  24. Is netherite ingot part of a mid or update?

  25. You can just remove the beds so the iron golems dont spawn. I dont think it will affect the trades

  26. You should add a villager breeder at top of your trading hall and decorate your hub walls l

  27. You know how you saw the new lava creature with the saddle on it. Well, what if you killed it do you think it might drop a saddle.

  28. Piglins are able to get non-gold armour if given by the player, piglins are scared of zombie piglins and soul fire,soul torches,soul lanterns and if you give them armour weaker than gold they will never accept it.

  29. Stop wasting episodes, I want to see you build more, no one cares about exploring at this point

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