Playing A FNAF Fan Game I Made In 5th Grade…

Today, we will be playing one of my old and canceled FNAF Fan Games that I made when I was in 5th grade, and oh boy is it atrocious, along with some details of how the game came about and how me and my friends found it! I hope you enjoy this video!

➤ The Game –

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My own personal discord! Join to talk to the members of the server, have fun, and be able to talk to me! As well as taking part in our occasional game nights, where the server gathers together to play some games!

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Although I am going to quit game development, here’s my gamejolt page in case you’re curious.

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➤ About Me
I am a 13 year old boy who loves computers, editing videos, and obviously playing Rainbow Six Siege! I hope that my videos can bring some happiness to people during their days where they may be happy or sad. I hope you enjoy my content and you should head over to my discord if you want to talk sometime, I’m basically always active!

➤ Outro Song –


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  1. I recently made a fnaf fan game on scratch Called Five nights at Wolfy's

  2. If you made in 5 Th grade bruh fnaf for 13 or 16

  3. Zippity dee zippity do my frens subbed to me and so should you

  4. Me seeing this video: clicks immediately

  5. Better then what I could do.

  6. This is Actually Really Good!

  7. Its so talented to make a fnaf rip off game in 5th grade lmao

  8. the first jumpscare is like GYAH

    nicole warning lol

    edit:are you gonna continue making this?

  9. I wish you could improve this game and make a full version.

  10. i like the animation for the doors tho

  11. 5:32 when Richard eats all of the food and goes on a rampage

  12. wow a kid and already saying bad words tsk tsk tsk

  13. I've actually become inspired by this game. What website/software or whatever, did you use?

  14. Y do u say it's bad? Dis is a masterpiese

  15. I'm gonna become a fifth grader in 3 months :/

  16. I want to make a fnaf fan game

  17. Did you use flash to make this game I want to know what you used

  18. What did you use to make this game

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