PLAYING LUX IN HER ORIGINAL ROLE… MID! – Rush to Diamond | League of Legends

Today we’re playing Lux and we show you can still play her in the lane she is intended for… mid! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lux Mid Gameplay.

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PLAYING LUX IN HER ORIGINAL ROLE… MID! – Rush to Diamond | League of Legends


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  1. dude they pinged you champ missing then ur like oh wow she went down lol

  2. that Lee Sin in the beginning wasn't toxic, what is this?

  3. Whole game no boots? Haha

  4. What app are you using to see those player stats?

  5. Actually very whiny, wasnt the most enjoyable

  6. Man the spirit of Lemmings lives in those dual queue types

  7. hey huzzy I just joined your discord I watched your vids from when you got to 50 k subs

  8. 11:59 Jhin: Jenna göttene sickim BUNEESKDKFALFWLXLWJHSHAUS

  9. Lux w does get a bigger shield when it comes back. It says it stacks the effect on the way back.

  10. me and my friend just play D&D in our friday nights its really fan i recomend it starting if you have a group of friends that you want to hang out and have fun i think D&D it covers bouth needs

  11. i got a genuine question about supports right… people deem xerath, brand and velkoz good and "acceptable" supports, why not lux? she has a stun, shield, slow and an ult that can secure a kill if you otherwise didn't get it

  12. Bad vision Lee, Top KeK 😀

  13. This Riven player reminded me why I quit playing League. Players like that make the game extremely unenjoyable.

  14. Super excited to see huzzy play lux again. One of his lux vids from 3-4 years ago is how I found this channel and lux is still one of my fav champs to play when having a bad day

  15. was caught off gaurd by the bear in the big blue house theme suddenly playing at around 6:50

  16. huzz when you play the ult slowly its pretty clear lissandra is half in it

  17. anyone knows the name of the site he used in the beginning

  18. play what you know and enjoy is best in my opinion 😉 have a nice day

  19. 3,586 – the amount of times Huzzy clears his throat in this video.

  20. Leona'nın ''hay aq'' diyerek oyuna başlaması <3

  21. How cool would it be if Riot made a christmas skin for Elise called: Elise Navidad

  22. Huzzy what is your opinion on Xerath support? I play it a fair amount in low rating and it works pretty well for me.

  23. Im a Xerath main, and i stopped playing him because i got bored of his basic chroma skins.. He stronk tho, the way his combo similar to Lux makes me master Lux easily.

  24. You remind me of my English teacher because she always quote songs whenever part of the lyric comes up in conversation. Love it

  25. Everyone loves some lux every now and then

  26. My problems usually lie with Shaco players…they're just bad people.

  27. 26:49 im ok
    26:53 im gonna die

  28. Actually Lux is stronger than xerath right now so…

  29. Huzzy what site do you use at the start of the video to see all the game stats?

  30. Elder is dumb, i really agree with that, we came back in a totally losing game when our jungler (Nunu) sealing elder and my kennen tp in and ult and gets a free penta

  31. God riven player =/= boxbox lmao

  32. What’s your hot key for Poroffessor? Mine isn’t working

  33. I also really like the update effects 🙂

  34. I thought she was originally for a support role 😬

  35. "the Lee Sin with bad vision apparently" idk why i chuckled over that LMAO

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