Playing the Game/Chim Chim Cheree – Mary Poppins Australia

The last part of Act 1. Mr Banks comes home with bad news (from 1:25). After the resulting outburst, Mary Poppins makes the Banks children’s toys come to life and teach them a lesson (from 6:00), and she decides to leave the house until Jane and Michael change their attitude (from 9:37).

Made with videos of two different performances edited together.

Cast 1 (0:00 – 5:07 | 9:59 – 14:08)
Lisa O’Hare (Mary Poppins), Matt Lee (Bert), Simon Burke (George Banks), Pippa Grandison (Winifred Banks), Rose Shannon-Duhigg (Jane Banks), Blake Hurford (Michael Banks), Sally Anne Upton (Mrs Brill), Christopher Rickerby (Robertson Ay)

Cast 2 (5:07 – 9:59)
Monica Swayne (u/s Mary Poppins), Mackenzie Garcia (Jane Banks), Cameron Davey (Michael Banks), Tobias Madden (Valentine)

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This video is for entertainment purposes only. © Disney and CML


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  1. 2:19, 3:24 This is on you Mr. and Mrs. Banks. You've drove your own children to this.

  2. 3:21 Why did Jane said that?

  3. So Temper Temper was the worst This version of Playing the Game isn't so bad but in the new London Production its so creepy… They have these animatronics and it was scary tbh

  4. LISA O HARE MARY POPPINS playing the game

  5. Have to say their accents are pretty spot on!

  6. Omg Matt Lee performed in Manchester on Sunday!

  7. the baby crying right after Marry Poppins walked away….

  8. This song is fantastically creepy and it was definitely one of my favorite songs of the show.

  9. Frankly…the midsection of the play I'm not entirely fond of. Mary says she's leaving now because the children won't let her, when really they just had a sour end to one day. (granted she did say the winds changed) She also says they're supposed to do the next bit on their own…which apparently means waiting until they get a more cross caretaker who makes them doubly longing for her return. I'm more concerned like Winifred rather than amused when Mary points out even her second coming is tenuous.

  10. Bro, learn how to hold a camera.

  11. @***** No it was the other way around this song replaced Temper temper.

  12. On this day in 1964 {August 27th} the Disney movie "Mary Poppins" had its world premier in Los Angeles, CA
    Two days later on August 29th it opened in theaters across the U.S.A. and Canada…
    The film won five Academy Awards; 'Best Actress' {Julie Andrews}, 'Best Original Song' {Chim Chim Cher-ee}, 'Best Special Effects', 'Best Film Editing', and 'Best Musical Score'…
    Ms. Andrews will celebrate her 78th birthday on October 1st and Mr. Van Dyke will be 88 on December 13th…

  13. ohh!!! thats not cool at all!!! is one of my favorites moments of the show!

  14. Sorry, I did before but it got taken down.

  15. Did you see the US Tour? It's only the longer stop tours, like the Australia/NZ and UK Tours where she flies overhead at the end.

  16. This song is nothing compared to Temper, Temper!!

  17. can you please upload when mary flys after anything can happen?

  18. Other way around, this song replaced Temper Temper.

  19. oooh! i loved your videos of mary poppins, i´ve never seen it, do you have the full show? can you upload it? 😀 please!

  20. Sorry, I don't have the full show.

  21. full show please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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