Pokemon Z Continental Distortion Part 1 I CHOOSE YOU! Pokemon Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough

Pokemon Z Continental Distortion Part 1 I CHOOSE YOU! Pokemon Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough What Is up heroes and welcome to our Walkthrough of Pokemon Z
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Intro song – Ash Greninja theme

Pokemon Z Continental Distortion Part 1
Pokemon Z Continental Distortion Part 1

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  1. There was a cool cutscene from the movie after juniper but i had to cut it otherwise the video would be blocked worldwide 🙁

  2. What rom hack is this?? GBA?? NDS?? 3DS??

  3. Damn this game looks good but I cant download it

  4. I'm just realising that there was no Pokemon Z before this…

  5. I wanted charmander as my starter. I don't like gen 6 starters

  6. Pokemon z would have been 3ds not ds

  7. is it complete thoooooo🤓

  8. Is there any other way to download this game

  9. What simulator should i use to play this? I wanna greninja

  10. I wish I could play this game and don't say anything because the download link doesn't work

  11. Coming back to see this after a few years still makes me cry

  12. Hey Volts is there another download link I can use to play this because this seems very fun but the website is unavailable

  13. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the game is gone

  14. If they even made Pokemon Z, they should probably have brand new Mega Evolutions right now.

  15. Is this game complete voltsy

  16. Chase loomis YouTube video $1000

  17. How did you get out the settings on the game I can't press the x at the bottom so I am stuck

  18. How to download this game link not working

  19. voltsy the gamejolt link is not working

  20. How to full screen this game:((

  21. Where can i play this game? Pls 😢

  22. Is this available in android?

  23. This is a new region :/

  24. Hey Voltsy is that game available for GameBoyAdvance?

  25. Atleast there’s a fan game Pokémon z ;-;

  26. See guys Pokemon z is real

  27. Game is not download in mobile

  28. This is impressive. It is a whole new game. I was expecting an XY rom hack.

  29. you are so must cool you have lots of like

  30. Hey what emulator you use fir this game

  31. is there a new download link?

  32. how much MB will it take to download?

  33. help i cannot open game jolt it appear to be blank white screen

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