Prader-willi syndrome – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is Prader-Willi syndrome? Prader-Willi syndrome is a genetic imprinting disorder affecting chromosome 15, which causes a variety of symptoms including overeating and obesity. Find more videos at

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  1. Is it possible for those with prader willi syndrome to have children?

  2. well explained thank you

  3. qué programa utilizan?

  4. I am learning so much about PWS. 🙂

  5. Please osmosis one lecture on inflammation acute and vascular event

  6. Never did a video clear such a complex "never understood" concept, sooo clearly!!! Thank you so much osmosis

  7. I feel i have this problem i have horrible hunger the whole time and makes me to eat my finger skin and feeling weak by hunger feeling mad and unable to do more activities coz fucking hungry and i have a vegetarian low carb diet with enough food but normal amount arenr enough but i control my self even it is a hell and apetite supresor pills just helps me a bit but not at all. Life with hunger its not life! Im in a normal weight but i had to strugle alot with this devilish hunger which its worst every year!!

  8. Very nice explanation! Thank you!

  9. could you please do a video on Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome

  10. I adore your videos! Thank you !

  11. I need an number phone please ! Thanks *

  12. I benefit so tremendously from your videos and easy to understand explanations. your such and excellent teacher. I share your work with my nursing students and science teachers alike. thank you for you brain and type of education. A true inspiration. love it so much. never understood things so clearly. really ties my college sciences together.

  13. Thank you, know a lot about this

  14. Can you do a video on Boarderline Personality Disorder plz

  15. Hi everyone
    I wonder to know which program used to make this video?
    If someone know, tell me. I will really appreciate that.

  16. This is difficult

  17. Thank you so much for all your work Osmosis
    Your videos cover so many topics, it’s so helpful

  18. Can’t thank you enough Osmosis 🤩

  19. Do it auto-brewery syndrome episode

  20. Sorry for my ignorance, I’m just finding out about this and I’m interested since I’ve seen these behaviors many times before. If there is no medicine or surgery, are there at least therapies to control the urges to eat at all times?

  21. My little sister has Pws. This has helped me understand how she got it. Thank you so much♡

  22. excellent video.!!! Was looking for imprinting and found this. Didnt need to look for other videos for further explanation.


  24. Thanks! It is a good review of my first bio class

  25. Guys can u help me
    If paternal imprinting occurs it causes prader willi syndrome?
    If maternal imprinting occurs does it cause angelmann syndrome?

  26. Place an Arabic translation 💝

  27. Great video!!
    On a side note though, non-disjunction in meiosis II can also lead to two copies of maternal ch#15 in the mother's egg.

  28. But this was more about imprinting and epigenetics, than PWsy yes? 🙂 I love it anyway, you're doing great job!

  29. I have maternal Uniparentel Disomie 14. Look a like from PWS.

  30. Once again, spoken in terms easily understood! Thanks, and happy new year! ✨🇨🇦‼️🙂

  31. When the allel inherited from mother is silenced/inactivated , it is known as maternal genomic imprinting.
    So in Prader Willi disease the basic underlying pathology lies in MATERNAL genomic imprinting, not PETERNAL.
    Am I right?

  32. Osmosis, thanks a lot for share this videos

  33. best explaination

  34. Why do patients with Prader-Willi syndrome have hyperphagia?

  35. Does anyone know who the narrator is??

  36. I think its wrong to call it an imprinting disorder, since imprinting of the maternal chr. 15 is a NORMAL thing. PWS occurs most commonly due to a DELETION on the paternal Chr.15 so its actually due to a deletion, well at least most commonly due to a deletion.

  37. THANK YOU SO MUCH Osmosis you are really awesome ! this video really really helped me , i've been trying to understand genetics since months thank you and keep it up ! i am watching a lot of your videos ❤

  38. Thank you, very informative. My daughter has isodicentric chromosome 15. I'd love to learn more about it from you guys 😉

  39. amazing how should I donate u money

  40. Great videos, it would be great if you could add references from where you get your information.

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