Prayer Warriors: A.O.F.G. Live SPEED RUN (09:09) by PEACHES_ #AGDQ 2014

Please leave a ‘Like’ to show us which runs you enjoy most. Awful GDQ! Run starts at 07:18. #91
Time 0:09:09
Couch commentators:

At this past Awesome Games Done Quick, $1,025,000 was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It only took a week of continuous streaming, 18,000 donors, and many many runners to achieve. A big thanks to everyone responsible for these amazing numbers, what a humbling achievement. For comparison, last year’s event raised just under $500,000.
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For those who stumble across these videos, a speed run is a video of a person or persons, completing a game as fast as possible using any means possible. This can include glitches, abusing in-game mechanics and skipping items or even playing events out of sequence.

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  1. That's some of the worse FoV i've seen in a game.

  2. The Breastplate of Righteousness and the Boots of the gospel are in an episode of The Venture Bros. Shore leave wears them.

  3. Alright, you guys are freaking out about the game, but I really think it's awesome that the developers were supportive and generous even though their game was featured in the awful block.

  4. "The whole point in this area is I need to find the key in the water, but I also need to dodge the fire-breathing eels."

    This one quote here sums up this game perfectly.

  5. blueglass is a national treasure

  6. I dont think I watch this %(QG*@)V097b5V(q@*%)*Q)@<Q@R#Q{BV%{"|}C>#}Q{L%_3QV………..

  7. Fire breathing eels, breakdancing scorpions, spontaneously exploding helicopters! Maybe I shouldn't dropped out of Sunday school in the fifth grade because we never got to these parts in the bible.

  8. It's a Christian allegorical FPS 😎😎😎

  9. This. This is the one true game. Where has this been all my life?

  10. This isn't a game. This is an experience.

  11. I have no clue what exactly i just watched,i dont remember doing drugs… but after this i think i might have done some cause i have no idea wtf was going on the entire time.

  12. What the fuck did I just watch.

  13. Best line from an AGDQ ever "I don't negotiate with terrorists"

  14. Watch and Pray !  Watch and Pray !

    0 0

  15. Get out of my face, Deuteronomy!

  16. Wtf did I just watch lol

  17. Wowwwwwww. This game looks completely terrible. Nice run, but yeah.

  18. Nothing as abnoxious as when people say "we as gamers"

  19. i love how the audience is laughing.
    funniest speed run i've seen haha

  20. I'm a subscriber because it's fun to watch games done quickly…but WTF IS THAT GAME?!?!?! Even in speedrun you kinda get the idea of a game that you did not play….but this one?! 😐

  21. Gotta admit… this game looks so bizarre that I want to play it.

  22. I never thought I would say this, but this game is trippier than 'LSD: Dream Simulator.'

  23. Oh of course, the chopper rescue scene

  24. lol the ending COULDN'T have been more appropriate

  25. the fuck is going on in this game

  26. Perhaps this game was made by someone German?  Then the compass would make sense: Norden, Süden, Westen, Osten…. perhaps?

  27. I love hearing BlueGlass in the background.

  28. It's just not the same without "WATCH AND PRAY"

  29. "We don't mind your religion, just make a good game, thanks."

  30. There is only one way to accurately describe this game: what.

  31. Why was this game made? Is this really a christian game or is it a comedy game mocking them?

  32. I LOVE YOU PEACHES! I demand you do at least 3 runs at every speedrun event!

  33. Oh my god, this is like some kind of parody game on Quake that Ned Flanders would have

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