[Problem Fixed] [Hindi]Jupyter is not recognized as internal or external command |Jupyter |2019

[Hindi]Jupyter is not recognized as internal or external command

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In this video tutorial i am going to show you How To solve the issue of “Jupyter is not recognized as internal or external command” ?

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  1. How can I check weather my Jupyter is Installed correctly and completely, OR not ???
    I think that, I have not got, all the Jupyter Files Installed, correctly…
    So how can I check weather the Whole Program is Installed Correctly OR not…???

  2. Bro my backspace is not working when I use jupiter…Pls help me bro

  3. brother my directory didn't run. it said the same thing "The directory name is invalid" but running command without cd opened the it

  4. the reason it showed directory is invalid is because you wanted to do cd $pathjupyter-notebook.exe . That is the path of the file and not a directory. So just run the command without cd. Which opens jupyter-notebook.exe directly

  5. Are you still doing online training personally?

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