Programming with Lambda, Map, Filter & Reduce in Python

Speaker(s): Parul Pandey

Topic/Title: Programming with Lambda, Map, Filter & Reduce in Python

Description: There are multiple programming languages in the world with multiple ways they can be classified. A programming paradigm classifies programming languages based on their features or their coding style. Different paradigms (e.g. functional, imperative, object-oriented) describe different styles or modes you can write code in.

Most of the time, Pythons paradigm is seen as object-oriented, a style where we model our data in the form of classes, objects, and methods. But Python supports alternatives to that OOP paradigm – Functional Programming being a very popular choice.
Functions like lambda , filter, map, & reduce fully support the Functional Programming style, and in this live coding session we’ll demonstrate how they can be effectively & efficiently used in our data analysis tasks.

About the Speaker
Parul is a Data Science Evangelist at She combines Data Science, evangelism & community service in her work: people. She’s an active writer & speaker and has contributed to publications like TDS, Analytics Vidhya, KDNuggets & Datacamp. She’s also the organizer of the Women in Machine Learning & Data Science(WIMLDS) Hyderabad Chapter whose mission is to organize meetups supporting & promoting women & gender minorities in data science, machine learning, and AI.

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If you would like to follow along, it’ll be good that they have a Collaboratory Notebook, Jupyter Notebook, or Binder Notebook up and running. I will be live coding from scratch so, this session will be good for everybody who has a basic knowledge of Python.

Here are some good reads on Functional Programming, to get started :


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