Python | 2 Ways to Delete Rows From Imported Data! (Data Cleansing)

In this tutorial I will be showing you 2 WAYS TO DELETE ROWS FROM IMPORTED DATA using Python. This is a step-by-step detailed tutorial made to help you increase your understanding of Python.

Order of Video:
00:00 – 00:48 = Introduction and Explanation
00:48 – 04:25 = Writing the Code
04:25 – END = Conclusion

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I get lots of people asking me for the source code so I will now be posting it in the comments below. If it is not there then please let me know!

I have more videos available on Arduinos and Excel ready for viewing!!

Most of my Python Tutorials are written through the use of Spyder in the Anaconda package.  Doing various things such as installing packages/modules may be different for you.


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  1. bro i need a code that delete a row in csv file if no text in the row ,,, hope you can help me bro 🙁

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