Python – (3) – Jupyter Notebook Basics

This video explain about the Jupyter Notebook Basics.
Accessing the working directory of Jupyter. Running Jupyter Notebook from any folder.
Notebook file format (.ipynb).
Different shortcuts for using Jypter Notebook.
Command Mode Shortcuts:
Insert a cell above or below – Shortcut key – A for Above , B for Below
Convert a cell into Code cell or Markdown cell – Shortcut Key – M for Markdown cell and Y for Code cell
Use Up and Down keys to scroll through cells
Two times D (D+D) will delete our active cell.
Undo delete action by Z

Edit Mode Shortcuts:
Ctrl-M: enter command mode
Tab: code completion or indent
Shift-Tab: tooltip for objects and functions
Esc: enter command mode
Shift-Enter: run cell, select below
Ctrl-Enter: run selected cells
Alt-Enter: run cell and insert below

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  1. Thank you very much😁😁, I looked at sum other videos that about this. I immediately gave up. Instead of telling what I wanted to know, it's was a song and dance mixed with instruction. Smh 😵 confusing.

  2. You are a gem for beginners 👍

  3. can you tell me how to use [a] and [b]

  4. Hello Amit, first of all thanks for your videos. I just wanna ask what we should prefer between Pycharm and Jupyter notebook?

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