Python 3 Tutorial: Print Function and Strings

The print function in Python is a function that outputs to your console window whatever you say you want to print out. At first blush, it might appear that the print function is rather useless for programming, but it is actually one of the most widely used functions in all of python. The reason for this is that it makes for a great debugging tool. If something isn’t acting right, you can use the print function to print out what is happening in the program. Many times, you expect a certain variable to be one thing, but you cannot see what the program sees. If you print out the variable, you might see that what you thought was, was not.

Next up, strings, what are they? Strings are just “strings” of text, hence the name. Strings are a type of data. Another type of data is integers.

Python 3 Programming tutorial Playlist:

Sample code for this basics series:

Welcome to another Python 3.3 tutorial video, this video covers the basic print function in python 3 as well as basic string rules and usage.

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  1. Maybe can you state a method of deleting particular print/replacing with other print in another video? Thanks.

  2. i can't understand !!!!!!!!

  3. When i open the py file it shows text for like 1 seconds and closing help please!

  4. 이 채널에 파이썬 명령어 'var'에 대한 동영상이 있나요?

  5. Which version are you using in this video

  6. I'm working on a project and I have to print How much did the…
    and then the string first_item how do I add it in so it tells me the item.

  7. more helpful thank you guys

  8. you talk way toooooo much for rubbish ….

  9. the only teacher who didnt started with print("hello world")

  10. I wonder what percentage of these guys are looking this up for an exam or test…

  11. Print('frogs are awesome')

  12. Angry python that wants to high 5 you with its mouth.

    You make me reconsider learning python 😆

  13. Really you looks like Edward Snowden,trust me😂😂

  14. I have also explained strings in my this video:

  15. What if I have to say the word fun in text pattern

  16. When I run print('Hi',5) I just get ('Hi', 5). What am I doing wrong?

  17. Is it possible to print("Hello World in RED or Green in idle shell, python 3x") I have googled this and can't seem to find an answer that actually works, thanking you in anticipation

  18. Thank you for making this video!!!
    Youre so much better than my old boring teacher Thanks !!!

  19. Bro this video is awesome man!!!!

  20. So I am brand new to code and downloaded python 3.7 on to windows 10 but any time I try to run a code it shows a syntax error for the 3.7 that's already there, sorry I dont know what that text is called. How do I fix this

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