Python Flask From Scratch [Part 5] – Edit & Delete Articles

In this video we will add the article edit and delete functionality to our Python Flask application

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  1. Thank you very much ! Learn a lot from this videos!

  2. Best tutorial ever on flask and MySQL ….. good job man ….

  3. Great video series. BUT what if I add another user? I would see all the articles in the main dashboard for all other users and under Articles It would be all articles… not specific to a user. How can I create a user AND have a dashboard specific to them given what is coded thus far?


  4. This is fantastic tutorial. I would love to know how to deploy this to Heroku. I cannot figure out how to deal with the settings in for MySQL in order to deploy successfully.

  5. so much to learn from your tutorials! Thank you a lot!

  6. Can you show an example of "Delete confirmation" modal ? I have a modal which asks "Are you sure ?" but when I click on 'YES' it delete always the first article. not able to catch the article id.

  7. "This might not work, but let's keep going to see if we can load the form and all that crap" – I love it – Seriously though – a very good tutorial – thanks.

  8. Thanks for making this tutorial Brad! Really appreciate the A-1 content you put out. Such clear and concise explanations.

  9. Excellent – the edit and delete python flask functionality is just what I have been looking for – Many thanks

  10. Does anyone knows how to hide flashed msgs after sometime

  11. Thanks Buddy the videos content is great and also i hope you to post the rest of the project by making some more videos.

  12. @BradTraversy : I have watched the five videos for this FlaskApp project and I cannot thank you enough Brad for this tremendous job.
    I also think you are a real mentor who can teach difficult and complicated topics in a simple yet clear and intelligent way – Thank You once again and I wish you and your family all the best for 2020

  13. Anyone who knows how to paginate the posts so as to have only 5 articles per page kindly assist!

  14. In edit_article page , the previous body content of article is not being showed in editor . How should I solve this problem ?

  15. Thanks alot…
    When are coming back to this to add some more functionalities?

  16. Thanks buddy I have seen all your videoes, you are amazing tutor..

  17. How do you deploy this app to heroku ? Heroku supports sqlalchemy ?

  18. Keep up the good Work. I enjoyed this tutorials! 🙂 very THANKFULL

  19. can any one please help me i successfully completed this project in windows after lot of errors with sql database…so i just added one more page in navigation bar forgot password so how can i recovery password from data base code please

  20. Hi. I like a lot you flask tutorial and I think I find an error. When you want to edit an article, somehow, the validations rules of WTForm is not enforced. Please, can you tell why? Thanks!

  21. Can someone make a docker image out of it and document the process, I've been trying to make one but it's just not working

  22. You could have used "body =" in the edit_article POST request. You just needed to rearrange your code so that the GET code isn't called for POST requests as well (which is wasteful/confusing anyway).

  23. Finally I've made it through after several challenges… THANK YOU FOR THE SERIES, GOD BLESS YOU!

  24. @9:50 Why are you using two delete buttons?

  25. Great lecture! I can watch your videos for ever Thank you for all the work!

  26. Thanks for this! Im fairly new to python in general and wanted to create an app like this but tailored for what i do. I've been trying to add items myself, the one thing im struggling to do is to have a confirmation for the delete article button. i.e click delete, box appears saying ' are you sure you want to delete this article' yes/no etc. any tips of other tutorials i could look at to help me impletment that kinda code, thanks again for a great series

  27. Excellent cours
    merci , Thanks

  28. How to create search engine with flask,mysql ?? how to query it

  29. Can't wait to start this series today!

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