#Python From lambda, map, reduce, filter to List, Dict & Set Comprehensions

Python3 Intermediate Session || Lambda, map, reduce, filter|| List, Dict & Set Comprehensions in Python

This session covers Python Intermediate level topics that are mentioned below. We took real life examples to explain the concepts and provided github link for documents used in sessions.

Below are the topics discussed in this python session:
1. While Loops in Python3
2. Continue & Break statements in python
3. Comprehensions in Python : Lists Comprehensions (listcomp), Set Comprehensions (setcomp), & Dictionaries Comprehensions (dictcomp)
4. Little discussion about generator Expressions (genexp)
5. lambda Expressions
6. Map Reduce & filter

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  1. very very nice video… understood the stuff completely

  2. Excellent video.. Very well explained

  3. Awesome contex very helpful👍

  4. Excellent video! Looking forward for more 🙂

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