Python math functions plus round(), int() and float() | Python for Beginners

A tutorial on Python math functions with comparisons to Excel, including the built-in Python round function, Python integer and Python float. We stick with Python basic math built-in functions and see how they are similar for the Excel user.

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We do a quick tour through documentation on viewing the 68 built-in functions, then get practice with three; including, rounding with round() then discuss the particulars of division in Python 3. After that we assign a variable and access its data type with type() then view it as an integer using int() and finally we use the float function with float() to view an integer as a floating point number. Next we try to mimic what we did with round in Excel and note similarities in the functions, leaving off with a little homework assignment. We also practice with Linux commands and Python functions: python3, type() and exit().

Also included is our stack which includes: Debian Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python for data analysis (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy) and presentation tools for the user experience such as Matplotlib, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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