Python Top 3 GUI Frameworks In 2019 (PyQt5, wxPython, TKinter)

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Hello friends in this youtube video tutorial we are going to talk about Python Top 3 GUI Framework in 2019
we will talk about PyQt5 GUI Framework, wxPython GUI Framework and TKinter GUI Framework

What Is PyQt5 ?

PyQt5 is python bindings for Qt5 C++ application development framework
PyQt5 is consist of 400 classes and more than 6000 methods and functions
We can use pyqt with python 2 or python 3
We can use pyqt5 with different operating system such as windows, mac and linux
PyQt5 is dual licensed
PyQt5 is used to write all kinds of GUI applications from accounting applications to data visualization applications that is used by scientists and engineers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of PyQt5
1: PyQt5 has a good UI builder that is called Qt Designer
2: We can use PyQt5 in many large scale applications
3: Different native UI widgets
4: PyQt5 is more famous
1: PyQt5 is not free
2: There is no more documentation in PyQt5

What Is TKinter ?

Tkinter is another powerful GUI library for development of applications in python programming language
Tkinter is a built in library in python language
Tkinter is the python interface to Tk, the GUI toolkit for Tcl/Tk
Tcl means Tool Command Language
Tk is an open source, multi platform widget toolkit that is used by many different language to build GUI programs
We can use Tkinter for creating different applications
Tkinter is the great library for development of GUI applications in python programming language

Advantages And Disadvantages Of TKinter
1: Tkinter is so simple and it is easy to learn
2: Free for commercial use
3: It is easily accessible, no need for installation
4:it is fast
1: We don’t have advance widget in tkinter
2: There is no UI builder in Tkinter as in
PyQt5 we have Qt Designer or in wxPython we have wxFormBuilder

What Is wxPython ?

wxPython is a wrapper around wxWidget
wxPython is a cross platform GUI library for creating desktop applications in python programming language
The author of wxPython is Robin Dunn

Advantages And Disadvantages Of TKinter
1: wxPython has large library of widget that
you can use in your GUI application
2: it is also native look and feel like pyqt5
3: wxPython has good UI builders for designing of
your application like wxDesigner and wxFormbuilder
4: wxPython is very flexible
1: We need to install wxPython

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  1. Hello, can you please tell me which is best for making a calculator

  2. Hi Parwiz, I am an engineer, I just like to build a simple GUI to change variable for updating matplotlib plots. which one is easier to use? I am not good at OOP. Thanks

  3. PyQt vs TKinter. Which is better ??

  4. Can I have your email address.

  5. You leave clear that PyQt5 is your favorite, but what is your second one and why? And what do you think about Kivy?

  6. Thanks so much for your efforts

  7. Can the Gui frame works interchangeably?

  8. Python is honestly amazing, but anything to do with GUI in Python world seems like stuff from the Windows 3.11 era. I cannot believe there isn't a modern, efficient, and free of black magic framework out there for that.

  9. I want to use one to manipulate excel spreadsheets, which one do you recommend has good layout for office work purposes?

  10. Tkinter GUI builders:
    – PAGE
    – pygubu

    can't say they are advanced but they are exists and works.

  11. Awesome video!!!

    I've developed a Photoshop Extension with a buddy of mine and we have a growing number of paid subscribers that use the extension. We are flirting with the idea of a stand alone application like Photoshop or Affinity with our features built-in. I've been tinkering with TKinter and it doesn't feel like a good solution for larger applications.

    What framework would you recommend for an Image Editor application with floating/popout widgets etc?

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