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PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Qt5 application framework from Digia. It is available for the Python 2.x and 3.x, Qt library is one of the most powerful GUI libraries. The official home site for PyQt5 is PyQt5 is developed by Riverbank Computing
PyQt5 is implemented as a set of Python modules. It has over 620 classes and 6000 functions and methods. It is a multiplatform toolkit which runs on all major operating systems, including Unix, Windows, and Mac OS. PyQt5 is dual licensed. Developers can choose between a GPL and a commercial license

2 Tkinter

Tkinter is a Python binding to the Tk GUI toolkit. Tk is the original GUI library for the Tcl language. Tkinter is implemented as a Python wrapper around a complete Tcl interpreter embedded in the Python interpreter it is a built in module in python, when you have installed python tkinter will be
Installed by defualt

3 Wxpython
wxPython is a Python wrapper for wxWidgets (which is written in C++), a popular cross-platform GUI toolkit. Developed by Robin Dunn along with Harri Pasanen, wxPython is implemented as a Python extension module.
Just like wxWidgets, wxPython is also a free software. It can be downloaded from the official website  and source code for many operating system platforms are available for download on this site.
Principal modules in wxPython API include a core module. It consists of wxObject class, which is the base for all classes in the API. Control module contains all the widgets used in GUI application development. For example, wx.Button, wx.StaticText (analogous to a label), wx.TextCtrl (editable text control), etc.
wxPython API has GDI (Graphics Device Interface) module. It is a set of classes used for drawing on widgets. Classes like font, color, brush, etc. are a part of it. All the container window classes are defined in Windows module

4 Kivy
Kivy is an open source Python framework for creating cross-platform multi-touch mobile applications with Natural User Interface. Its speed is comparable to other native mobile alternatives like Java for Android and Objective C for iOS. Kivy is the only solution for coding in Python on mobile devices. It is also capable of running on multiple platforms like HTML5 because it does not depend on heavy browser support, and is implemented in C using Cython due to which it runs directly on the GPU. The main aim that was kept in mind while developing Kivy was to run the same code on multiple platforms.

5 PyForms
At just two years old (making it one of the more recent frameworks), Pyforms is a Python 2.7/3.x cross-environment framework for developing GUI applications. It is modular and encourages code reusability with minimal effort.
Based on PyQt, OpenGL and other libraries, it provides a quite comprehensive set of 22 controls, all based on a ControlBase object; it also includes a video player, web browser and OpenGL.


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  1. Pls how can i get tkinter on my pc window 10 32bit operating system


  3. GUI design should be drag and drop
    writing code for GUI and imaging the damn project is just crazy and takes too much time

  4. Hello, you can also check this free tutorial on PyQt5 and how to Build Real Software
    from A to Z

  5. Hi Forogh, i came from China and learn QT lesson from your video, it was big help to me ! Now could you provide some tech detail to me if i want to real time display lots of data point in GUI, this data base on mileage or timestamp, it play like a video, and it also can jump to the play when user input the mile or timestamp in the UI, which tech or framework i should use ?
    Thanks in advanced ! Best wishes.

  6. Pyqt5 is not free for distribution for comnercial licence

  7. Hii sir electron js se python me gui apps kaise banti hai please ispe videos bnaie mujhe kahi resources nhi mil rhe internet pe

  8. Pyqt5 how much comnercial licence?

  9. Kivy is an amazing and powerful library. I am using it in all my projects with GUI. There are some issues, but we can fix them easily.

  10. Used all except Pyform but finally using WxPython as it is completely free and has fantastic RAD tool, integration with compilers are also a breeze.

  11. which one of these is used for developing mobile apps(android)

  12. Why don't you use a real language, instead of a dumbed down "language" for dummies.

  13. which one is the best (doesn't affect the speed) with a python backend

  14. we can read you know!
    narration has very small value to video, if you only read what is allready in screen.
    sorry about this! I hope you get better teacher by this comment.
    do not take this bad!
    happy spring time! Toni

  15. I use Gtk and Glade, the is very good performance

  16. Informative. But you have a nasty humming sound on that video

  17. Good overview of the sad state of Python GUI programming. None of them support pythonic programming style, and only the wxPython example shows anything resembling a true layout (but it still doesn't look like proper native apps). At least Kivy and Tkinter leave dead application windows showing up in task switcher if your program crashes or is killed by Ctrl+C (they can only be killed via task manager, and I haven't ever seen anything other than Python GUIs get hung this way). The technology behind all of them is decades old and hasn't improved much in 2010's. If you must, I suppose Qt5 is the one to go to, but probably it is a far better idea to make your application use a web browser for GUI instead.

  18. 2:08 DVD wallpaper haha

  19. How to convert kivy project into app

  20. Decent for basis intro, but it appears that most of you guys are reading these comparisons from the same basic script or "definition" of what these particular platforms do! Perhaps a little bit more in terms of personal explanation would make things a bit more interesting.

  21. Nice and sweet and short video. 👍

  22. PyQt5 is NOT by Digia. It's by Riverbank, and the license is very restrictive. PySide2 IS by Digia and thus has a similar LGPL license as Qt. Meaning, everyone should use PySide2.

    – Qt Creator is the only tool where you can really put together an UI very easily.
    – But, the Python support – as of today in 2019 November – sucks. It cannot auto complete properly, it cannot handle anything properly, it's a mess.
    – Using another IDE like PyCharm works, but then you have to use two apps just to write the code, then the GUI, then the code… and good luck with @Slots and whatnot

    tl;dr: Python + Qt is a great idea, but it needs like 5 more years and a LOT of work from Digia.

  23. Please make more videos on PyQt5 like login page etc. Thanks in advance.

  24. easygui is nice if you only need to quick generated GUI

  25. Thank you Parwiz for posting your videos 🙂

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