Raw Footage Part 1 | Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay

A foolish man with a camera wanders into dangerous situations to film monsters. It’s a shame he doesn’t bring more supplies with him.

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Raw Footage is a first-person horror game, which takes place in strange locations known by their mysterious creatures. Your main goal is to record evidence of them, fill the needed footage bar, find dead corpses of people and escape alive. Sounds simple, but it’s suicide facing them without having any gear, which can be found across the map. Use it to your own advantage.

Your first journey begins in Blackwood Pines. Be resourceful, aware of surroundings and don’t waste ammo, med kits or batteries, if unnecessary.
– variety of creatures and maps
– frightening and creepy atmospheres
– powered by Unreal Engine 4

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  1. Enjoyed the video. Sorry if the game might not be what you expected. It's my first project and I worked on this one alone. Great video tho!

  2. In 6:08 is see gun in the floor

  3. Camera shy monster😂😂😂

  4. Never will you see someone so excited to find a dead body. XD

  5. 6:50 did y'all see that? Creepy…..

  6. The monster is overthere start flashing the flashlight lol

  7. Please don’t hit the bunny.

  8. I think the monster was also waiting for you to go home after all those bullet wounds and raw footages of him.

  9. You should not be so exited about finding a dead body 😀

  10. A minute and a half in, haven't even seen any gameplay yet, and I already don't want to buy it. Who the hell wrote this intro garbage? Do they not speak English? Even if that is the case, they could at least get a native English speaker to proof read this shit. It just shows a lack of effort, and more importantly, a lack of care.

  11. I love this my sister says it looks good and to me your voice sounds good 😊 my ears never lie

    (I'm blind btw)


  13. So you spent a good amount of time skipping footage of you wandering around and making noises. That game seems like a waste.

  14. "oh a dead body , right! good!" 😀

  15. 13:00 crying out for a jump scare after he bangs it and turns around.

  16. Find a dead body in the forest, what's the first thing you should do? Take all the stuff and get your fingerprints all over the evidence.

  17. You are so bad, learn to play fucking games noob

  18. CJU, you've got a cozy nice channel here, I think I'll stay around for a while ☺

  19. Never seen your channel before! Really enjoying this lets play, finally a youtuber who dosen't put on stupid voices or edit in dumb slow mo close ups of his expressions, Just a great lets play. Great voice for youtube too.

  20. The monster kind of reminded me of a deathclaw from Fallout…

  21. Why do I watch your horror play throughs late at night? Goddamn I must be a masochist because even with your soothing voice I get all freaked out.

  22. the hard life of a youtuber 😛

  23. I actually tried to record this game for my channel but Chapter 1 was too hard to find the people lol. I could only find 3/5

  24. this is the slenderman game in steroids. well done, man.

  25. holy crap that jump was amazing

  26. OMG IS THAT A CREATURE AT 2:48 , RIGHT SIDE?! Okay Im over-reacting 😂

  27. Looks at game instructions
    Is this a Logan Paul simulator?

  28. looks like i found a new horror youtuber to watch

  29. At 7:48, did I hear something like "Sods law?" If so, I've never heard that one. Perhaps I misheard. The game (forest) looks great btw. Very realistic. Don't think I'd have patience for this game. Takes to damn long to obtain footage & you shouldn't need that much. I mean, 5-7 seconds is plenty. In this game it's as though you need 5-7 minutes worth, jeez!

  30. Loving your comments. It's a bummer when you get stuck on rocks. Thats happened to me in other games. Found it quite funny that all you cared about when you found a dead body is their items. Don't kill the bunnies. Cheers

  31. Love your videos sooo muchhhh!!😊

  32. Video de jogos de terror, fica calado nos videos amigo! o louco….

  33. Looks boring,not for me!!

  34. I like the way you work (even if this is the first video of yours I watched, so far): you give the viewers the right informations, like at the begin, when you specified you was going to remove the 'face camera'. Really appreciated it.
    Or when you specified in a note that you adjusted the brightness (also when you shown for some seconds how the game actually looks).
    Not less important, the way you spoke for all the video: calm. Not yelling all the time like a 'Youtuber'.
    All those things make you likable and professional.
    I will look forward for other videos of your .

    Oh, I usually don't like 'commentaries', but with a game like this… I honestly think it would have been really boring to watch it with just his original sound and nothing else.

  35. I think hé is 📷 shy lol xd didn't like the game getting comment shy

  36. what is this? pokemon snap with demons? boring… horror games should be scary

  37. That looked like a deathclaw

  38. Hi cju can u tell me about the home sweet home CH 2 I m eagerly waiting for it

  39. "Bring it on!" [bangs baseball bat on the side of a tin]

    I love you, your content never fails to make me smile.

  40. man – camcorders in the game world are THE worst energy hogs. you’d need a nuclear reactor to get one to last for a few hours. 😂

  41. Hey cju, PUHLEASE do a play thru of We Happy Few???

  42. "Another dead body , right , good"
    by CJU 2018

  43. Sir can you play "The Nun" horror game please tnx and also shout out my name tnx when you do the video

  44. Lol cju in the woods is bound to be entertaining.

  45. Nice environment, ok idea, terrible execution.

  46. aw damn, protag really needs to get a better camera and use the same kinda batteries as that flashlight. also bless your editing because I can already barely see the monster when its far away :'D thanks for playing, great commentary as always

  47. CJU please play Baldi’s basic of education! It looks fairly interesting imo

  48. Good concept, boring game. A map or radar so you can see the monster's whereabouts would help a lot.

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