Raw Footage Part 2 | Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay

Frostlake Woods is home to another monster and 5 dead bodies… Apparently. It’s good to see that I came prepared again.

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Raw Footage is a first-person horror game, which takes place in strange locations known by their mysterious creatures. Your main goal is to record evidence of them, fill the needed footage bar, find dead corpses of people and escape alive. Sounds simple, but it’s suicide facing them without having any gear, which can be found across the map. Use it to your own advantage.

Your first journey begins in Blackwood Pines. Be resourceful, aware of surroundings and don’t waste ammo, med kits or batteries, if unnecessary.
– variety of creatures and maps
– frightening and creepy atmospheres
– powered by Unreal Engine 4

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  1. I was bored for the most part. The monsters were scarier in the screen-shots.

  2. LOL! The descent into madness was real 😀

  3. I lied about giggling. This gave me a heart attack.

  4. Good element of grass getting in your vision, thaf makesnit unnerving, but i think maybe i shouldnt be giggling while watching a horror game.

  5. 23:16–23:25. You sound downright maniacal. Would have ranked your sanity meter much lower but I'm glad you toughed it out! 😁

  6. “Must have left the stove on or something”

    Dead. 😂

  7. 16:04 – 16:08 that part had me in tears 😭 omg this has got to be your funniest commentary as of late xD

  8. Smile for me. Good, See ya! Same time next week? Hahahah!

  9. I think that’s the most excited I’ve ever heard someone about finding a dead body.

  10. Ok after watching you play I noticed that when you're close to a body there's a hollow sound

  11. Not sure about the game but definitely one of the best videos – love the descent into insanity 😂😂 Part 3 please 😉

  12. Ok, @ 9:34, that's plenty of freakin' footage. It's enough to be able to move on to the next requirement for shits' sake!

  13. The joy in your voice when you found the other bodies made me laugh out loud. Pretty sure your IRL sanity meter was going down with the one in the game. 😉

  14. it's better than the first part, but still, having hints as to where the bodies are instead of just running around and hoping to trip over them would make the whole thing much less painful. I'd say just give the last one a go 🙂

  15. You should try "25 cadre of death" it's your kind of game dark theme choices and stuff!

  16. Please do the third level

  17. Well we've gone this far, might as well go the distance. Would love to see the last level.

  18. did you notice that the first body you found was in a different position when you found it the second time?

  19. Go on then…you know you want to.

  20. Must have left the stove on. that made my day lmao

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