Rick and Morty x Pringles – 2020 Big Game Commercial [AD]

Stack Pringles. Make endless new flavors. Stack Pringles. Make endless new flavors. Stack Pringles. Make endless new flavors. This is not an ad. [ad]


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  1. I hope this is a an actual commercial

  2. Who eats Pringles with two bites?😕 I put it in my mouth at once.

  3. 55555555555

  4. I like the blue and white Pringles

  5. *eats Pringles*yummy!

  6. The only add i willingly watch

  7. I whould pay money for a episode of this

  8. I got this ad and I never watched Rick And Morty

  9. Chocolate!!!!!! Ah.. not this one… Pringles!!!!!!

  10. Even when rick and morty sell out, they do it on their own terms

  11. That is terrifying but I like sour cream and onion…

  12. stack pringles flavors make new ones how much do you think they pay these people hardly anything hey you guys want to stack different pringle’s flavors to create new flavor combos here i’ll go first pizza bbq and jello pain yo the spicy barbecue pizza snacks get him grandpa what’s going on pringle’s we’re trapped in a pringle’s commercial they must have taken us in our sleep how can we get out we can’t summer they warned me this would happen and I didn’t listen stack pringle’s to make new flavors stack pringle’s to make new flavors stack pringle’s to make new flavors

  13. Is this an actual commercial? Cause that's pretty cool

  14. How about Salt n Vinegar Cheddar cheese Pizza stack?

  15. im legit eating pringles rn …..

  16. Stacking Pringle’s to make new flavors x1000

  17. I thought this was a real episode

  18. I am eating Pringle’s right now

  19. 0:20 Isn't that a picture for most meme were they are Thechnectly correct.

  20. fuck this ad actually caught me off

  21. Ahhhhh Pringle’s really good

  22. Won’t lie, this commercial alone is the reason why I finally scoped this show out. Cracked me up lol.

  23. Pringles exe stop working..

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