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Is this roblox?

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  1. It’s dirt not poop dan or should I call you pan poop plus dan ecwals pan

  2. If dan hits 82 or 85 percent the cutscene starts and boss fight begins and……..the end

  3. The brown was dirt not poop

  4. 1+1 is 2 2+2 is 4 that's some maths

  5. What’s the name of the game

  6. i just came back to this game yesterday i hope u play it again

  7. The brown stuff isnt poop its dirt you know

  8. ??? Music. Sfsgfgft
    DanTDM Straight Up Confused
    DanTDM. Shush!
    "Turns Off"

  9. Sign: This room is permanently closed forever.

    Me: Hm? Dont make sense…

  10. The brown stuff is dirt.

  11. Remember when Dr. SmarChibles from Robot 64 sold a tirnip cleaning project to BRIBBLECO? Yeah, that's actually the group name lol.

  12. Cleaning simulator is in virtual reality.

  13. ok so in 2017 (when this was posted) I watched it because you posted it the day before my b-day. You made me laugh so hard that now, in 2020, I'm watching it again. Thank you for making me laugh!

  14. Dan can you play power simulator on Roblox

  15. Dan it’s not poop dan it’s dirt

  16. I laughed so hard on the ??? Tape

  17. I am not subscribed sorry

  18. I am subscribed sorry danTdm

  19. The poop is not poop it's dirt

  20. dan where is the sequel aaaa

  21. me watching this in 2020


  22. I wish I can play that on Roblox but I can’t because it won’t let me play 🥰🥰

  23. I used to play this and I LOVED IT it was my favorite but it closed down and I never got a chance to play now sense I saw this vid I got flash backs welp I'm a big fan of you dan I love yours vids!!!!! ❤❤

  24. Dis good video 👍🏻 dan

  25. spam 9 at any point in the video

  26. The whoopie cushion is a refrence to terrarias item

  27. Why would someone poop in a building eww!,

  28. The brown is dirt DanTDM

  29. Dan:ooh the mistry tape ??? Tape:HshsAaaahsisiwnhs Dan:😳..NO NO stop STOP 😆

  30. He didn't finish the game! Boss is at the end of the game 😛

  31. CD: My name is I LOVE PITSA

    Dan: Hi.. I guess..wut is going on?…

  32. i saw this game but dint play it is it fun

  33. Dan also play super cube cavern its made by same developers

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