Rocket Power: Beach Bandits FULL GAME Longplay (Gamecube, PS2)

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (Gamecube, PS2)
You can watch it in shorter parts here:

Guide the kids through Ocean Shores, The Lakes, The Robot Factory, and Mondo Mountain in the effort to discover who stole the sand. In each area, you’ll battle robot minions, use the new wave runner and zip-line glide, and play extreme sports, such as skateboarding and inline skating.

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits Walkthrough Part 1 (Gamecube, PS2) Ocean Shores


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  1. I’ve been lookin for this game since i was 4 this was my childhood thank u 😭🥺

  2. I was 4 when I played this. It’s sad my generation is Jake Paul/ Fortnite.

  3. I remember playing this game and always playing the bumper cars mini game

  4. Dude this game brings back so many memories ):

  5. I miss playing this game. When I was the only child up until 10 I had every game system and any game I wanted

  6. I loved this show, wish it was brought back. Played this game too!

  7. So you only needed 6 hours to pass the game? Dude I spent daaays and never finished it (when I was a kid) lol

  8. I remember not having a memory card so I would always have to start from the beginning

  9. Oh, a Rocket Power game! i'm gonna speed the video a bit so i can see some gameplay!

    skips 5 hours ahead

    a robot gets out of a fountain of lava talking about an earthquake machine

  10. 1:06:35 mark… Tak Easter egg onto Rocket Power: Beach Bandits video game. 1:43:01 mark

  11. 🔟🔟🔟 I enjoyed the show and 13 years ago, Nickelodeon stopped reruns. It's sucks but the Rocket Power game…. So Amazeballs!!! 💜

  12. I loved how they advertised Tak

  13. RIP to Ray Bumatai (1952-2005), a great musician, and voice actor.

    His final film was Little Jim from Aloha Scooby Doo (2005).

  14. Now where did you get that game from girl.

    I love the old Nickelodeon logo, I use to watch Nick Jr. when I first moved to Longview TX 9 years ago.

  15. Nickelodeon was it's peak of popularity around this Time

  16. You like Rocket Power Show Right?

  17. This was the game I played when I was a kid. See, this is why companies should resell games so that a lot of us don't have to rely on emulation (not you, wish.). My bro. wanted to play FE: Path of Radiance and R.D. and could not because the only way to "legally" get them was through Ebay. And we didn't have a computer strong enough to run it. So anyways we managed to Homebrew it. But see all that could be solved if they could just resell these games. Not like it's easy but it's worth the effort.

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