Season 10 Nidalee Jungle Gameplay Guide – League of Legends

How to play Nidalee jungle in season 10!

➥Lee sin jungle guide!
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  1. 0:50 "no one saw that"
    129,000 viewers saw that actually xD

  2. im new here but wtf was that intro

  3. didn't u gave up on gromp by going full clear?

  4. So i wanted to see nidalee's pathing this patch but i stopped seeing the video when u missed the first Q on the gromp

  5. I just want to appreciate that awkward silence when he discusses CBT

  6. You have a youtube channel? This is the best ever, I found you on Twitch randomly!

  7. I watched so many of your videos and i still dont know wtf you say when you start the wideo

  8. Your intro made me stop watching immediately

  9. Gonna start calling stolen quadrakills/pentakills, The QuadraSteal/PentaSteal

  10. Why do I suck at Nidalee in every single game… It's so hard to play!

  11. 13:01 wtf your teammate could have stolen the eye wtffff

  12. I’m confused, how does he get the luden’s echo effect without it being in his inv

  13. Bruh misses so many spears lol

  14. I love how he gets a stroke in the introduction

  15. Haven't had my PC in over a year and just returned, missed the videos with being videos from Work and it's refreshing and lovely to start watching againn 🙂

  16. mate cool but this is not a guide

  17. This helped me alot with how to play nidalee, thanks for making it easy to understand and explaining why you did the things you did

  18. 1:15 wtf you think im doing

  19. 1:15 tf u think im trying to do? why even title it guide if its just a lets play?

  20. Holy shit i just wanting to watch nid jung why torture with ur humor feelsbadman

  21. what support items did you mention?

  22. I love your intro btw

  23. If you're used to play the piano press the spell plus the rigth f-key to cast things on your allies.

  24. I don't know your schedule but could you please do a video about mechanics on a champion like Nidalee? I am not able to finish my first clear and do a gank. Now i get the feeling i am missing something.

  25. I just want to say hi, I unsubbed 2 years ago becaus I don't play rift anymore + stopped watching lol videos and suddenly I remembered ur channel name lol I'm glad that u are doing well

  26. The bad kind of CBT foxy mate 👀👀👀👀

  27. To everyone wanting to pick Nidalee up: It's much smarter to go E lvl 2 when you start blue buff, W lvl2 is only really superior if you start red buff due to the AoE camps you'll be clearing level 2 in that case.

  28. As soon as he started talking about his plans to buy arcade senc. i closed the video

  29. God damn right. It's 'Jingle Jangle' an don't you forget it.

  30. Lmao can we take a second to decipher wtf wolfy said in the beginning XD

  31. I wish Elise had the R reset when hitting a cacoon or upon killing an enemy with spider Q. Similar to Nidalee. Her playstyle just doesn't feel like it flows as well as Nidalees. It happens a lot when you just hit a cacoon but then can't follow up with spider cause ultimate CDR and you sit there awkwardly aa him 😪

  32. 4:40 – WW has no flash btw
    4:46 – WW flashes
    5:13 – Emphasises how it was lucky WW had no flash xD

  33. Not even using bewitching nidalee!

  34. that was a stupid clean game.

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