Senegal v Colombia – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 48

Colombia booked their place in the Round of 16 with a hard fought win over Senegal.

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  1. Debió clasificar Colombia y Senegal; porque Japon no tiene futbol.

  2. 1:23 min. What a pose..!! who was beside the goalkeeper.

  3. Bien echo colombia

  4. I am Brazilian ,but i support colombia champion world cup 2018!!!! Because my Brasil have win 5 times world cup , two times Argentina and Uruguay and Colombia ° 4 international team win world cup in south America!!!! I love colombia!!!!! country, Bogotá, cali, medellin, santa marta,…. people of colombia by funny, carismatic, … girl beatiful hee hahaha…. gol colombia by Mina?? heee i like style celebration !!!!!

  5. السنغال كانت افضل بالنسبة لكولومبيا

  6. Fun fact: both colombia and senegal people has really dark skin

  7. Felicidades Colombia 🇨🇴 desde Perú 🇵🇪

  8. Senegal could have qualified to the Round of 16 if they have not lost.

  9. yo vi ese partido si no hubiera sido el del palo no eeyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. I think it should be a penalty

  11. 🇨🇴 Colombia 1-0 Senegal 🇸🇳
    Minza 74"

  12. Wow, that was incredible for Senegal elimination against Colombia!!!
    All African teams were eliminated at the group stages and not able to reach to the knockout stages.
    However, we are happy for Colombia's victory and able to reach twice from 2014.

  13. Yerry Mina was a beast in this world cup!!

  14. 1:19 hes just relaxing on the poast amd then so comfused when the ball gos in

  15. My mom was suffering on that match though (Colombians)

  16. I swear i came for the defender

  17. Je suis algérien vive Sénégal Algérie 😘😘

  18. 1:23 My boi thinking about life

  19. Мммсюмммммммммм

  20. Sengal was elimanated on fair play, that is sad

  21. Duelo de equipos africanos

  22. I wanted to see Senegal pass through next time hopefully.

  23. Whoa you saw the player in the right corner of the goalkeeper? He did not did anything he was just standing there doing nothing.

  24. وش بيه ربو الهذيي ركلة جزاء

  25. Who after the game at the world championships u – 20?

  26. It was penalty what a dumb var and referee

  27. Eso era penal a favor de Senegal que robó fue eso

  28. Congrats Senegal from Croatia

  29. Juega. Hace gol queda.juega .no hizo gol.juega pensarlo. ! no juegue otro.ala proxima!

  30. Colombia inglaterra en el mundial 2018 un gran partido los 2 ala par . Pero fue suerte o la suerte la dio el arbitro.

  31. It was a clear pen dumb referee I had already accused him of cheating like italy vs Korea 2002

  32. Sorry my favourite African nation Senegal

  33. 0:21 wasn't that an obvious penalty ??

  34. Idk why but i have a soft spot for African teams. I love their passion.

  35. Where james? Why he didt took a freekick??

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