Slaughter Horse 2 !!

Slaughter Horse 2 is the sequel to the first game of the same name. Based on the Creepypasta story called “Cupcakes” this grimdark mystery game allows you to play as Pinkamena!

Slaughter Horse – Game

Pinkamena – Game (full original)

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Slaughter Horse 2 (Pinkamena 2)

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  1. I got a question since I don't really get the game a little bit..

    Q 1 : Why am I supposed to assign the role? What if I assigned Pinkamena or The Queen Changeling to be a reporter do they frame people or whatever?

    Q 2 : What if you assign a Jailor to be a party pony??? Since the ponies already got all they're roles why should I do the giving them a role stage???

    Q 3 : If I have a watch pony am I able to give the choice who amongst the pony I want the watch pony to look and guard by watching???

  2. I have another question and you may not know but is the mule and town drunk Bad in Slaughter horse?

  3. It's 2020.. And I still Play this And Did this come Out on Google Play? Please Reply

  4. I love the original slaughter horse and im SUPER HYPED for the nw game!!

  5. I almost win I almost got pinkiemena but I got the wrong person

  6. So… what happen with Changeling's?

  7. Hum, rather interesting.

  8. I liked it really great vid!

  9. I forgot this game existed
    and I'm hyped now

  10. So its not still released?

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