Tarzan All Deaths & Fails | Game Over (PS1, N64, PC)

Tarzan all fail cutscenes, Game Over screens
Tarzan all deaths from PS1 (N64 & PC)


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  1. 3:25 Mais c’est Le cris de Thumper

  2. Clayton: Hahahahah!
    C’est la fin de tes aventures dans la jungle!

  3. 4:13 La jungle est féroce, Tarzan.
    Elle renferme toujours les plus vulnérables

  4. Used in 20th Century Fox's Tarzan (1999-2019) and Toonsville TV Kart Racing (1999-2019)

  5. I remember that I used to shout my eyes during those animations kdkdkds some of them were too disturbing for 6 year old me

  6. Your game is over, Tarzan.
    Next time, be more careful.

    SP: Su juego ha terminado, Tarzán.
    La próxima vez, ten más cuidado.

  7. Tarzan Fall Down And Whoa Game Over Screen

  8. 2:39 this scene is sadness incarnate.

  9. 1:28 сколько я раз проходил Тарзана. Ни разу не замечал такой заставки, она по факту самая страшная .

  10. I…had no idea this game even had game over animations…

  11. In final Level it if you go near the boss you die Instand

  12. What?! I never thought you could actually get captured in The Baboon Chase level!

  13. Daffy Duck: You're Despicable!

  14. Hi gen,I like this game but my favorite is tarzan untamed

  15. Your game is over, Tarzan.
    Next time, be more careful.

    FR: C'est fini pour toi, Tarzan.
    La prochaine fois, sois plus prudent.

  16. First 🙂

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