TF2 Gun Game: Scout Edition

I return to the challenge that is Gun Game! This time around, it’s the fast running, non-stop talking Boston boy!
Intro by Dapper Dog
Outro song by RetroSpecter
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  1. I wanna make a weapon called "the bird scout" basically just gives you 5 jumps once you ran around enough downside smaller clip and small damage reduction good more jumps to avoid sniper headshot, combined with the atomizer is a set called "flying killer"

  2. (gee ateen) not (gil ateen)

  3. I loved that jingol belsss

  4. why isnt there more of this on your channel

  5. why is crit cola is not in it can kill if u drink it

  6. Is every weapon your favorite

  7. melee scout is often a meme playstyle that somehow works out pretty often so melee section wasn't as bad

  8. How to fix the babyface blaster: Instead of taking away boost when hit boost just slowly degrades over time

  9. Please do soldier gun game 🙂

  10. I never see female gamer YouTuber before but i see now

  11. Were is the warp assian

  12. In cs:go it’s called something I always forget things when I was about to say something

  13. 8:22 LOL that swear cured my desiese

  14. The twisted fish isnt a bug. It's a feature. A very dumb and slightly hilarious feature UwU

  15. no no you're supposed to say daddy not father

  16. 5:53 spy uncloaks in front of her

  17. We solve problems with pheesh

  18. 5:54 did anyone else notice that?

  19. Why not from the opposite? Melee, secondary, then primary? Or secondary, primary, then melee? Like in other gun games?

  20. “Ah the winger, only five rounds in a clip” IN A CLIP

  21. You have a higher chance to random Crit when you are doing better

  22. Jingle bell, jingle bell, I could only afford the one

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