[TF2] This GUN GAME Mode was a LOT harder than I expected…

So just before moving out I recorded this video and just got around to editing it. I tried out the gun game community server with some of my viewers and had quite a difficult experience… This lead to a lot of funny moments! Leave a like if you enjoyed and leave your thoughts down below!
– Outro song

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  1. thats a loose cannon not a loch n load

  2. It's a lot harder than you expected because you weren't honest to yourself about your skill level. Which is very low.

  3. Isn’t the Lugar one of the rare secondaries?

  4. Some years of playing tf2 and he still says the the loose cannon lock n load🤣

  5. This is not a Syringe-gun, its a Blutsäuger

  6. PyroJoe: calls the loose cannon the loch-and-load
    Me: visible confusion

  7. Didn't know the loose Cannon was the loch'n'load

  8. so basically RolVE Arsenal

  9. Pyrojoe: Is that medic is on a god mode or something?

    Blutsauger: You fools

  10. Hmmm, an alpine knife worth 25k dollars, that's interesting

  11. hey can you make a scam attempts and funny trades video

  12. Pyro joe: *can’t play Gun game*

    Me: *laughs while playing Roblox Arsenal*

  13. Pyrojoe I know you know a lot about trading. I got scammed for an unusual killer exclusive kill a watt and some other items. I was an idiot and trusted that the bitskins bots were the real deal. I deserve what I got, all I ask is advice on what to do with MonsterPandaz tradeit.gg and what to do.

  14. joe can't use the loose cannon foreal

  15. "How do I hit someone who is running around like a slide-show?"

  16. Does anyone have tips for trading for starting off traders? Like getting metals and keys ?

  17. Hay love the vids man keep it up

  18. Why did you call the Blutsauger the Syringe Gun?

  19. What ever happened with the first gen unusuals 9 months ago?

  20. Joe: Saying Syringe gun while holding the bluthsager
    Me: Say whaaaaat ?

  21. This is why Tf2 is better than Overwatch

  22. Joe do videos about the quickswitch miscs

  23. What is it with TF2 youtubers and Pokemon music?

  24. Imagine seeing a scout in front of you then it turns into a heavy. Spooky stuff.

  25. Hey Joe, surely make a video using each weapon you said you hate in this video? it allows you to get a lot better at the weapons in the game, and it will be great to see you improve with these weapons

  26. "that scout stole my kill!"
    proceeds to steal everyone else's kills

  27. Please do a trading guide, which appeals to how to trade in 2020, as its not the same as 5 years ago

  28. Can someone give me a vaccinator

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