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Hello everybody and welcome to my playthrough of the short indie horror game The Following! In these dark halls you are stalked by an unknown enemy! Sound familiar? Well it’s a pretty common theme but that doesn’t mean you should check it out!


Outro Song:


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  1. One of the few remaining Markiplier videos that has less than 1 million views.

  2. 1:15 "You can't fool me! I know you're a some!" XDDDD

  3. I watched this at like 2 in the morning without headphones…

    my family woke up

  4. 5:56 well tbh Ray-Tracing Minecraft looks awesome, sry to tell you mark :s

  5. Mark you should have read the read me page on the game file the concept of this is that you are person who is with Layla which the enemy in this game you break into her house to steal her chair because apparently they very valuable and expensive as hell they more than millions or even billions and Layla is pissed off !

  6. When I first saw this,i thought it was some kind of creepy chef…when I was 8years and now am 15 and it’s so much different

  7. the comment section of old markiplier horror videos, my dear long lost hiding place

  8. "uh wait is that sumptin oh that's sumptin!!! Gah I knew it was sumptin!!!!"

  9. That piece of shit chicken sounds are EARRAPE EARRAPE EARRAPE

  10. Her name is layla and you have to steal 8 chairs and escape before she catches you and here's a tip if the light gets brighter that mean she is getting close

  11. Remember when videos didn't need to be more than 10 minutes?

  12. Is anyone able to hear the music he's talking about????

  13. Hi, I'm a recent comment to show that this video is still watched.

  14. I like watching old videos and reading the comment section.The world was different back then.

  15. 1:30 those damn jump chairs.

  16. I'm a simple girl, here to ask a simple question. Who's still watching Marks older videos, here in 2018 just for a hit of nostalgia?

  17. Collect the chairs lol

  18. I'm going to bong ohhhhh -_-
    BOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b>_<d owwwie in my ear holes lolol

  19. If I make scary noises to will you run away from me

  20. My first ever Markiplier video

  21. Watching in 2018?

  22. Lol, the game in the description is not this game XD

  23. aoie in my ear holes: butt holes…

  24. "What's with the RAAAA!"
    Another good quote.

  25. "Wha WHAaaaat da hell…"

  26. Nice to know that Baymax has a brother

  27. No wonder why it's called "The Following" now. Should be more like "The Follower".

  28. According to the creator, you're supposed to be stealing the chairs, all 8 of them. They lost the project files, though, so there will never be any bugfixes.

    Oh, and the monster's name is Layla.

  29. ,,Do you need help sir, mam. . .-Oh, you are a chair."

  30. we should name him boobyfollower

  31. The Monster that "Follows" Looks like something from Legend of Zelda. (Don't know which one but whoever is a Fan of Legend of Zelda should Understand)

  32. Mark: GO AWAY MONSTER!!!Monster: Senpai notice me…

  33. The game game an awesome scary ambiance and cool creepy horrifying environment the monster looks kinda funny but that doesn't that he not scary trust I played this game and this guy is freaking me out however the game a better objective then collecting chain and more story and secrets into it

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